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Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!

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Monday, January 08, 2007

And now, for something completely different.

Basically, this post is for Brandon. Therefore, I give you:

Green Lanterns

None other than Ch'p, the cutest darn little Lantern that ever was. Unfortunately for him, he was hit by a yellow school bus. Ick.

And as another little treat:

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A slightly discomfited Nightcrawler, by Adam Hughes. There really isn't a whole lot to tie these two characters together, except that they are both furry and have tails, and are cute beyond belief. Enjoy!


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Brandon said...

Two of my favorite characters together! And one of them in the nude!

If I were differently sexed my heart would be all-a-flutter. Although, if you happen to have any tasteful, shots of a declothified Ch'p about...I might have to make a new avatar.

At 7:53 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Finding a nekkid Ch'p is going to be a bit difficult. And I imagine that you'd have to fight off Squirrel Girl for his affections.

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ch'p is alive and well and living on Myspace!



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