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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Goodies Await?

I have of course, a Christmas entry planned, but I need my resident teenaged computer whiz to do the pictures for me, and she's in school at the moment, and I'm bored. So you'll just have to wait another day or so...which makes it closer to Christmas anyway.

But another Wednesday is almost upon us, and there are actually some decent books coming out, which is always nice. I've barely gotten over the fervor of reading GLC #7, so I'm still riding that high.

52....number whatever, it is always there, and while some weeks may be more exciting than others, I still love it. And it you aren't reading "The Diary of Ralph Dibney" blog, you should...it is HYSTERICAL!

Birds of Prey...Ragnell and Kalinara got me interested in this book, and I should have picked it up a long time ago, it is excellent.

Checkmate...I like it because it has Alan Scott and Bea in it. Also Amanda Waller is awesome.

Fables...One of the best books ever. And consistently fabulous.

Ion...Didn't this just come out? This is great! How can anybody not like Kyle? And his amazing buttocks.

Lone Ranger #3...Finally! Sheesh! But still pretty good.

Punisher... I just like Garth Ennis, he's sick and twisted and a riot.

She Hulk...Always fun.

Sinister Six... I like Deadshot and Catman ok?

Ultimate Spider-man...I don't like the regular books, because they have gotten so incredibly convoluted, and I hate...HATE Civil War. But the Ultimate Spidey is fun and he's a teenager again, and there is angst and soap opera and amazing art, and it's consistant and comes out regularly.

New Avengers...I've been reading this, but getting more and more dissapointed with it. Anything with Civil War makes me cringe. And I used to be a pretty hardcore Marvel Zombie.

Ms. Marvel...Forget it. They took a character I was always rather fond of, and completely ruined her for me. She beat up a mother in front of her daughter, and felt good about it. Did I say how much Civil War sucks? I think that there are some more Civil War books coming out too, but who cares?

Gee, I started out with such enthusiasm, and then ended up all cranky. I think I'll go and read Warrior...that ALWAYS cheers me up.


At 8:09 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'm with you on Ms. Marvel. But hopefully, this week's battle with the Other Carol will help her turn the corner.

Plus, Cable/Deadpool, with emphasis on Deadpool! Praise be to Fabian Nicieza!


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