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Friday, December 22, 2006

Finally: A Christmas Post

Seriously, it's Christmas, and I HAVE to go with a Christmasy issue of Warriors. Besides...it's rather sweet.

It is Christmas Eve, and just about anybody who is anybody is at Warriors. Why look down in the corner! That HAS to be Beau Smith and his illustrious cohorts! Joey is hitting on Katana, Buck is hitting on Black Canary, Clark is kissing Lois, and John Constantine is spiking the eggnog.

Meanwhile, Guy is brooding upstairs. He's been through quite a bit lately and is feeling a little...lonely. Rita and Buck come up and tell him to get his keister downstairs, which he does eventually.

Then Martika, the fabulous femme fatale introduced previously, shows up, and is immediately snatched up by none other than Dementor, the perverse and really really skeevy main villain. Any other woman would be toast, but Martika can control men's minds, and calmly tells Dementor to go and sit on the bottom of the Hudson River and wait for her. Martika is undoubtedly a villainess, but I like her because she does things with so much STYLE! She makes her grand entrance and within seconds is busy snogging Guy...or as one of the guests points out...the Vuldarian lip-lock. Haw! Veronna is pretty peeved that Martika is moving in on her great Warrior King, although Guy certainly doesn't seem to mind in the least.

So...everyone is dancing and having a pretty good time. Bea (Fire) is having a PARTICULARLY good time, having downed a little too much eggnog. I love how some of the other women are being catty about it...especially Peej. Since she's standing their with half of her bosom hanging out, she really shouldn't be throwing stones, but what the heck. However, Guy and Martika are interrupted, and she has to leave, to go and pursue some more villainy, so Guy goes up to the roof, and stands in the snow feeling sorry for himself. Lo and behold, the Spectre shows upp! No, not Hal Jordan, the one before.

The Spectre has been requested to give Guy a little gift, courtesy of the Phantom Stranger, who had been asked to do this by none other than Buck and Rita, which is rather nice of them. Guy gets a chance finally to see his dead Dad, and square things with him. Guy's Dad actually apologizes and admits that he loves his son, and they both get a bit teary-eyed. *sniff* Guy's Dad has to go, but at least Guy finally got a little bit of closure, which is really all that he wanted. He even shakes the Spectre's hand and thanks him, which for Guy is pretty amazing. It is really a pretty darn nice moment for Guy, who certainly deserves it.

Guy returns to the party downstairs, feeling pretty good about himself for a change, and runs into none other than Lobo. I was all prepared for a huge bar fight at this point, but he just comes by to give Guy his Spaaaaaace cycle, which Guy won in a bet. ( who could wipe out the most Tormocks) For an extra Christmas present, Lobo gives Guy the skull of the Head Tormock, which for Lobo is practically like kissing him on the lips. No Fight, not even a spilled beer!

Then a blast of icy air, and Tora's Mother, Queen Olaf shows up! EVERYBODY is out on Christmas Eve this year! Guy does a little hand-kissing, which is always irrisistable, and shows Queen Olaf, the statue that he has of Ice in the bar. Considering she was pretty ticked off at the rest of the Justice League,she gets along quite well with Guy. She in turn, has a gift for him, a small magic ice sculpture of Tora and Guy. He's just flabbergasted, which is kind of fun.


But what is this? Guy and Bea in the same room, and not trying to kill each other? Frankly I've always had my suspicions about Bea and how much she hated Guy. She sure did seem to think about him a lot, and I suspect that it may have been a case of the lady protesting too much. But anyway...!


Merry Christmas to all!


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