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Monday, January 15, 2007

...And I'm Not Too Thrilled With Bruce Wayne, Either

Yesturday, I passed on some of the reasons that I find Batman to less than attractive. I realize that Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a gallant playboy/man-about-town sort of fellow, but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't want to date him either.

Firstly, you'd have to be sure to bring along a credit card and some cash for a taxi when going on a date, because the chances of you being abandoned and stiffed for dinner are pretty high. And I don't think that he's ever actually been around to return a girl to her own doorstep...hence the taxi money.

I don't think that it would be too much fun going back to stately Wayne Manor either. It wouldn't be much fun having sex with a guy who keeps moaning to himself that his parents are DEAD!!! Besides, I don't think that his libido is all that impressive to start with. I don't think that he's gay, I just think that he has a lot on his mind.

Also, the chances of being kidnapped, tortured and/or killed would probably go up exponentially, and frankly I like living. Heck, I'd rather kiss Kyle Rayner, I'll probably be hideously maimed or killed, but at least it would have been worth it.


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