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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh Sweet Sweet Wednesday

It's a lovely day, and I have put the top down, and am off to the Comical Book Store.  But first, I had to do something with Hal.

I have been neglecting Hal as of late.  Heck, I've been neglecting ALL the boys in Green! And the girls in Green too.

 photo halandittychangingclothes_zpse24ddb5d.png

It took Hal a while, but he finally figured out that the ring will change his clothes.  And Itty too!  I'm not quite sure what Itty was disguised as, and I am not sure that I want to know.

Of course, we take all of this sort of thing for granted nowadays, but back in the day, I'm sure this was a pretty big move.  But Hal does look so pretty posing like that.


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