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Friday, December 30, 2016

End of the Month Reviews

Not a bad week, I usually get a few more books at the end of the month for some reason.

Green Lantern Corps #11

Well, Kyle with the help of Ganthet and Sayd has successfully brought back Hal from Green Lantern Heaven.  Hal tries to tell them about all the happy dead Lanterns, but Ganthet just scoffs at him.  I am sure that somehow this will come back to haunt him.  Hal may be an idiot, but he usually doesn't just make stuff up. 

But they are all in a dither about the location of the rest of the Corps, when they figure out that...hey, Mogo is back, and all is great!  So off they go to visit Mogo, and find out that the Corps is still missing.  The reason they are missing is that they are in a Kandorish glass bottle, being held by...Larfleeze!  Or as they refer to him several times, "Lar-Friggin-Fleeze" which I found to be amusing.

Yes, the Green and Fear Corps are all bottled up together, and with use of a cunning plan by John...and Soranik, they all start fighting amongst themselves, which leads Larfleeze to panic about their collectability, and mint condition. They do manage to bust themselves out of course, and Hal and company are glad to realize that they have re-appeared.

It...it was actually a pretty fun story.  Needed more Guy of course, but not bad at all.

Lucifer #13

The Christmas episode!  Lucifer and Mazikeen are back together and whooping it up at Lux...or not.  A couple of demons make a present for them, and then they all get into Secret Santa, and it all just goes downhill from there.  A rather ridiculous and yet...great issue.  Actually two stories, with one with an enchanted coin and a store robbery in the beginning that was also pretty darned good.  I do like this book.  Different art, but hey, even artists deserve a holiday.

Black Widow #9

Well, who should show up but the Winter Soldier!  Recluse, aka Natasha's old nemesis, the daughter of the woman who ran the Red Room is still hell-bent on revenge and takes out Natasha's old buddy, and is beating up on Bucky. 

Also, the Weeping Lion, for all that he seems to be working for Natasha has an agenda of his own.  Gorgeous art by Chris Samnee as usual.  A little bit of a breather with this issue I thought, things are happening, but it is all building up to a rip-roaring conclusion, I am sure.  Excellent as always.

The Mighty Thor #14

Oh, that Malekith is SUCH a scoundrel.  He has stripped Alfheim of most of its assets, and is about to blow it all up, so that he and his evil horde can move on.  He has Loki...rather reluctantly at his side, while Sif and the rest of the heroes and Thor, run about madly fighting, but not really able to accomplish much.  Oh, and Malekith rather brutally decides to "divorce" the Queen. 

Loki tosses her over the balcony of the tower, but not before he looks around to see if there are any hero types around who can rescue her, and naturally, Thor manages to do just that.  I am actually rather enjoying Agent Soloman, she has such enthusiasm. 

Again, some different artwork this month, but still good.  Another good issue as well.

Saga #41

Oh, things are going to hell in a handbasket, as usual.  They are apparently all about to be sucked into a Timesuck, and Petrichor is frantic, and nobody is taking her seriously. Prince Robot is all full of lust and shame as usual, and is trying to commit suicide, and Marko walks in and gets blasted, and March, the two-in-one baddie shows up and is out to get the bounty for Hazel. 

Alana is clever enough to stall them, and make some offers of her own,  Meanwhile, the Will shows up to see Sophie and Gwen, and gives them a bit of a story which Lying Cat naturally sees right through.  He hopes that Lying Cat will join up with him again, but she prefers to stay with Sophie, although she is sad about it. 


Then a hail of bullets back with the hostage situation, and boy howdy, Marko comes through again.  Poor boy, all he wants is to live in peace and he has to keep killing things, and he hates it but damn, is he good at it.

Fabulous.  Just fabulous.

So...not a bad way to go out for 2016.

2016 has been an utterly horrible year for all the wonderful people that we have lost, not to mention...other things.  Comicbook wise, it has been pretty decent all things considered.  I know that Civil War II is still slithering around...the Crossover that Just Won't Die, and I have to admit that I don't have a clue what is going on, and am perfectly happy about that.  DC seems to be getting its collective mind back, and bringing back some of its beloved characters, which is a GOOD thing.  I just wish that they would do a slightly better job of handling those beloved characters, but hey...out of limbo is still better than not.  Marvel has been on a roll, although Civil War still sticks in my craw.  There are a ton of really fabulous Indie books out there as well.

So...Happy New Year.  And for the love of God, please make it a better one than 2016...although I am nervous.  So...very nervous.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Shelly S said...

I enjoyed Black Widow, but Saga was recalled because of the poor print job on the cover and my shop won't get the new issues in til next week, so I have to wait on that.

Happy New Year!

At 7:43 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Gah! That's terrible, having to wait.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Shelly S said...

It is!

At 10:05 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at Ganthet being a dope, but you think he'd be a little more intrigued by what Hal's saying. Hal's not the sort to make up things like that.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I like Ganthet...he's okay for a Guardian, but he is still a little too ready to think he knows everything. Hal may occasionally bean idiot, but he tells the truth as he sees it.


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