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Thursday, April 21, 2016


I have been seriously slacking off lately when it comes to posting.  I'm not really sure if it is just laziness on my part...and when it comes to laziness I Am A Viking...or just a general malaise.  There are still good books out there...there are ALWAYS good books out there if you look for them...but that old fever in the blood does seem to be going through one of those periods when I wonder to myself if I really do care all that much about comics anymore.

Then I see the new costume for Wonder Woman, and it all comes rushing back.  I love the new skirt thingie, it reminds me of Darwynn Cooke's version, which is my favorite. She actually looks vaguely Grecian, which is a plus.  I may just start buying her book again!  And if Etta Candy is going to be in it, then all the better.

I am not sure why Bruce feels the need to put a bat insignia on his underwear. I can understand being true to your brand, but...seriously?  Unless he is just testing out a new marketing scheme, and plans to flood the Gotham market with Bat-labled garments, which I suppose would help fund his charities and Villain-fighting endeavors.  Surely someone will buy Bat-er-oos.

Speaking of which, I do love that Iron Man calls Spider-Man "Underroos" in the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which I am highly looking forward to seeing. 

My DC books continue to dwindle. We will see if the new roll-out of the Re-Re-Rebirth in the summer will change that. There had better still be a REAL Green Lantern book with the Corps and Guy, because I don't give a rat's patootie about Simon and Jessica quite frankly.  I find them dull.  A Green Lantern should never ever be dull.  Hal is a dullard, which is a completely different thing.  Too many (hilarious!) hits to the head. 

So anyway...

Lucifer #5

Man, I do love this book.  Great art by Lee Garbett, and a cracking story by Holly Black.  Lucifer gets the shard of the sword out of his side, courtesy of Azazel.  Raphael shows up and goes all nutso on Lucifer and Gabriel, and there is a lot of Angel Posturing.  I love Angel Posturing!

Medjine finds her brother and has a nice little heart-to-heart talk with Gabriel, and Gabriel finds out that there are some problems with his memory, and that Metatron is a real jerk. Oh, and he goes off and pledges himself to Mazikeen and gets some bitchin' new black wings.


Robin: Son of Batman #ll

Robin is still trying to atone for his Year of Blood, some other kid is out there taking his stuff, along with the Lu'un Darga.  Talia is...as usual, violent and confused...but mostly violent.  Batman shows up to do fatherly things, which is always nice, and Goliath is the BEST!

I miss Pat Gleason on the art, he is still one of my favorites, but  Ramon Bachs is pretty decent, a bit more cartoony, but really great action and flow.  And action there is, with a delightful cliff-hanger coming up. Who doesn't like Dinosaur Island?

Pretty darned good.

And that was that for DC.

Captain America/Standoff

I don't even know if this HAS an issue number! It all has Case numbers and stuff, and I find it to be confusing, but the standoff crossover hasn't been all that terrible actually, although I haven't been getting every issue, so I am still a little confused about somethings.

But Steve has been turned back into Captain America, by that weird little glowing kid, who apparently is...the Cosmic Cube?  So Cap, Bucky and Sam all team up to do awesome awesome things.  The art is beautiful and the dialogue by Nick Spencer is crisp and witty and a whole lot of fun actually.  Also, Kraven the Hunter shows up and decides that the best way to trap a little girl, is to...throw a birthday party in the woods....complete with cake and hats.  I'm completely in love with Kraven after Squirrel Girl anyway, so this made me just laugh out loud.

Fabulous too!

Howard the Duck #6

And speaking of Squirrel Girl and Kraven, this is the second half of the team-up between Doreen and Howard.  Hank McCoy, Rocket Raccoon, Weapon II, Biggs, Kraven and Doreen have all been kidnapped and now are being hunted.  Kraven is feeling some remorse for bringing them all to their deaths, and is feeling depressed at being hunted. Squirrel Girl is busy trying to cheer him up and bring him over to the side of Good. Howard is just cranky.  Weapon II, which is a talking squirrel with adamantium claws is busy trying to slice things, Rocket just wants a gun, and Hank gets taken out very quickly when he tries talking his way out instead of fighting. 

They use the villainess's own cosplay apparatus to fight her, and it is...as always...epic. EXTREMELY epic!

So...very very epic.

The Totally Awesome Hulk #5

Wherein we learn some more about Amadeus and what does and doesn't make him mad. Also for some reason, Amora the Enchantress shows up and tries toseduce him.  Amora really should get something more important to do, I think she's just bored hanging out with Malekith lately.

And then Thor shows up. 

This issue is a bit of a set-up, but beautifully drawn, and still pretty good.

The Mighty Thor #6

And here we have a tale as told by Loki to Dario Agger, who has been teaming up with Malekith lately, but although their joint villainy has been going well, he's becoming a bit nervous about being betrayed...as well he should be. So he teams up with Loki.  Oh that is going to turn out well!

And as the God of Stories, Loki proceeds to tell him the tale of Bodolf the Black, a berserker, who always won, because he always prayed to Thor, God of Thunder, and together they brawled a lot...till Bodolf got tired of Thor taking all the credit, and didn't pray one time, and Thor got pissy, so Bodolf went and prayed to Loki instead.  And ended up more or less as Hulk-Bodolf. 

Delightful as always.

So...a pretty decent week all things considered.


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Shelly S said...

I actually bought and read the Sam Wilson Captain America Standoff issue because Bucky is in it! I hadn't known about this, so I haven't read whatever led up to this, but it was pretty darn fun. And I loved the Steve/Sam and Steve/Bucky conversations.

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

I'm dragging on posting reviews lately so you're not totally alone in that regard.

Maybe it's to remind himself he's Batman if he ever forgot again. Honestly I'd love to see Bruce marketing a bat brand. Half the money would go to charity and the other half would fund the kids. They'd get their own action figures and have their own clothing lines. I can just see the Robins in causal wear with their symbols on their shirts smirking at their superhero friends.

I like Tonys' nicknames for the other heroes. I can't wait for Captain America Civil War ! I've been looking forward to it for awhile.

I've been trying to find Guy too. Maybe he'll be in Hal's book to give him a wingman? It's weird to think he might not be in a GL book since he's pretty much the star of GLCEOO. I'll be getting a few things a try but most of them won't be out until the fall. I'm enjoying Jurgens Lois and Clark so I might get his Superman book to see the story continue.

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will buy anything with Viking Hulk in it.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Shelley, the Cap/Sam/Becky dialogue was indeed a delight. I was surprised by how much I liked this book. Zeno's interactions with his crew were also quite amusing.

Erin, to the best of my knowledge there will be a Green Lantern book with Hal and the Corps. That had BETTER include Guy!

Hulk Vikings are nice indeed.


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