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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Two Week's Worth of Reviews

Two weeks, since I never got around to last weeks, and it still is only a few books.  How the mighty have fallen.

Green Lantern Corps #4

Well, they are still hanging out in the dying universe, and Marniel has taken Guy's and Kilowog's rings and stuff, and they are sitting in a cell in their underwear.  That has to be depressing.  And Kilowog is taking advantage of the fact that Guy has been gagged, to admit that Guy knows what he is doing and to also be a jerk about it.  This is really annoying to me, because yes, Guy has a big mouth, but he's usually right, and because he and Kilowog have been friends FOREVER! Do the writers ever go back and read the back issues?  Ever?

So, the empath Lantern uses her powers to read Marniel, and lo and behold, she's actually the Good Guy and Dismas and Ausras are actually the Bad Guys.  Well slap me silly!  And they get their rings back, and everything is fine, except that Guy was left out of the loop that Marniel is good, and busts out and tries to warn John, except  they clobber him and he's back in his underwear. 

I have no objections whatsoever to Guy lying around in his underwear, but it does seem a little unfair. 

Still, I am enjoying this book a lot. There seemed to be a whole lot of artists this issue however, which is never a good sign.  Is this book going to continue with the new Re-Re-Rebirth coming up this summer?  It had darned better!

Still heads and shoulders above Hal's book.

All-New All-Different Avengers #8

I must have missed an issue or something, because I went from them being attacked by a second Maria Hill and other Avengers to being in Pleasant Hill and being attacked by the newly awakened Villains, and that kid, and while it seems like a pretty decent crossover, I'm a tad confused. But in the end they get their powers and stuff back, while Deadpool of all people is the one to connect with the little kid who is controlling all of this.  That probably won't end well.

Oh, and Bucky, New Cap and Newly young Old Cap show up. Woohoo!

I should probably go back and figure out what issues I missed, so that this makes more sense.  But still pretty good.

Amadeus Cho: Genius at Work

This actually seems to be compilation of old stories about Amadeus Cho, but since I only had a few of them, that is fine with me.  I really enjoyed the heck out of him, when he was running around with Hercules. Damn, I miss that book, it was a hoot and a half. So, not a bad value at all.

Black Widow #2

More beautiful art from Chris Samnee. And some back story on why she is plundering the Helicarrier. Did you know that Shield has a secret cemetary?  I didn't, and it is actually rather an interesting concept.  There is  a funeral, and one of the head honchos is being bitter about Natasha's supposed failings, and all the while she is there, creeping around and taking out the hidden assassins.  But she does get caught and learns some unwelcome news.

It's all very mysterious, and beautifully beautifully drawn, and I am loving it so far.

Scarlet Witch #5

Again, I seem to have missed an issue. Wasn't she in Ireland?  Now she is in Spain, ridding a nunnery of some ghosts, with the help of some nuns and stuff, all of which they all find a bit disturbing. But not as disturbing as the ghosts!  Good ghosts and bad ghosts.  It's all pretty good actually. Again, I really should go and get that issue I missed. What was going on a few weeks ago anyway?

Archie #7

If someone had told me I would be reading an Archie Comic, I would have had them committed.  But dang...it is just so much fun.  And so good. 

Reggie(secretly my favorite Archie character, although I am beginning to like Jughead) has wormed his way into Mister Lodges black heart and is busy hitting on Veronica.  Mr. Lodge also finds out that Archie was the one who destroyed his house.  However, Jughead and Archie do figure out that some blackmail against Reggie might work, except that Archie going undercover at Reggie's father's newspaper leads to the usual mayhem. 

But Pops comes to their rescue, and obviously knows something about Reggie that he would REALLY rather not come to light and he tells Mister Lodge to buzz off, and Veronica is saved.  Or something. 
Damn, this is a fun book.

And that's it!  For two whole weeks!  It's a good thing that I am keeping my beloved comic book store afloat by getting all those collected Walt Simonson Thor books.  I had given them up years ago when I was on my DC kick, and man...those are awesome!


At 8:23 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

Black Widow was definitely good. The cemetery was an intriguing idea.

At 6:09 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was! I am quite intrigued about where this is all going.


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