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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Small Week

I must be giving my comic book store owner fits.  I've been putting his kids through college, but the funds are drying up, because...well because.  Maybe if DC would see fit to publish books that I would actually like to READ would do the trick. 


Daredevil #5

Well, Ten Fingers comes to a rather sticky end, at the hands of the...Hand.  I honestly didn't intend to write that, it just came out that way. 


Matt is stuck doing Night Court, except of course when he isn't, and Blindspot is actually the hero in this rather satisfying conclusion to Charles Soule's first outing with Daredevil.  Good art, and good story.

Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #5

I have to admit, that I'm really starting to like that big red T-Rex.  Or whatever he is.  Or she, I have no idea.  Lunella busts him out of his cage at the museum, using her wits and her giant springie shoes, which just delights me.  They really have no idea where they are going from there, but what the heck. 

And boy, those Terrigen mists are really starting to become a problem.  Maybe those Inhuman jerks could cut back on the stuff?

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6

Oh God, oh God, oh God...I LOVE this book! 

Nancy is going to make a new costume for Doreen, because her furry one is too hot in the summer. Makes perfect sense to me.  Meanwhile, Howard the Duck shows up looking for a cat named Biggs. He accidentally grabs Mew, because to him, all cats look alike.  Naturally, they fight.  Well, they argue a lot. 

Then Kraven the Hunter shows up in his Kra-Van, and it is may be one of the greatest things I have ever seen  in a comic book.  He's still hunting Gigantos, but it doesn't come cheap, and he needs some ready cash, so he nabs Howard, and tosses Squirrel Girl in the air, because he actually...kinda...likes her.  She tracks them to a rich millionaire's lair, and it turns out to belong to Shannon Sugarbaker, a southern Belle's Belle.  She likes cosplaying and hunting, and wants to hunt anthropomorphic critters, such as Howard of course, Rocket, the Beast, who keeps trying to explain he's just a Mutant, and Biggs the robo-cat.  Oh, and Weapon II, a Squirrel with adamantium claws.

At this point, I was just sitting in my chair having a hysterical fit of the giggles.

Eventually, after fighting off some second rate Doombots, Doreen shows up ready to rescue Howard. Shannon orders Kraven to hunt her, but he refuses, because well...he LIKES Doreen. So Shannon uses all of her cosplay weapons which incidentally WORK, and now she's going to be hunting all of them including Doreen and Kraven. 

This...this is ART!  It is Poetry!  It may be the greatest concept in Comic Book History!


Saga #35

Oh. Saga is good too.

I have to admit that I am beginning to experience a certain joy in Prince Robot.  He's just so...so cranky all the time. It's rather endearing.  He's teamed up most reluctantly with Alana and Marko, who have gotten pretty close to getting Hazel and Klara back. But things are transpiring that will probably foil that, but still...it's all pretty fabulous.

Also the Will, who is still fat, is hunting Prince Robot's kid, and Gus shows up mounted on a Walrus. And Lying Cat makes an appearance!

Fabulous as usual

That's it for this week, which was small, but pretty darned good actually.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Shelly S said...

Saga was, indeed, wonderful. I'm hoping DC's Rebirth will give us some comics worth reading.

At 11:12 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Did you see Lunella's chest insignia the one time it was drawn clearly? It was delightful and so in character!

And I am trying to start a movement for a Weapon II mini, one shot, or ongoing. If Spider-Gwen (hate it) and Gwenpool (hate that I love it) can go this route, the much, MUCH better Weapon II can too!

At 6:32 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

A talking squirrel with adamantium claws can ONLY be a good thing.

And yes, Saga is great, and DC is...teasing me. Apparently we are going to be getting both Ted Kord AND Jaime Reyes in the Blue Beetle book which has me giddy. But the Green Lantern book has Simon Baz and Whatshername as the leads. And frankly, I want to read about Guy and John and Kilowog and even...Hal.


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