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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tiny Reviews

A massive three books this week. Three!


Lucifer #4

At least this time, I managed to pick this up on time.  And it's a dandy as usual.  Great art, and it has the Dreaming in it, and good stuff like that. Plus the cover just cracks me up. 

The little girl Medjune who ran into the Demon Jar last issue is running away from her adopted home, and it's a good thing since her "Parents" are more or less monsters.  She just happens to run into the kid with the Peacock feather on the same bus.  And yes, Lucifer shows up to get the jar.  Also Lucifer runs into himself while in the dreaming, and it is rather amusing actually.  Gabriel gets wings back, although they aren't necessarily HIS wings. 

Great stuff.

Robin: Son of Batman #10

For some reason, this was...polybagged?  Seriously?  A bunch of DC books were polybagged, and I am not sure why, except that they showed pictures of the upcoming Superman/Batman movie...which I have NO intention of going to see. It looks dark and dismal and boring.

There was a time not all that long ago when I would have killed for a JLA movie or Superman/Batman movie. But DC has managed to destroy most of my desires for that, with the whole Convergence/Reboot/52 crap.  Also the cover has Superman and Batman on it, and I'm only reading this for Damian!  Double Yeesh!

Stuff is happening,  it seems to be the end of the world, but Pat Gleason isn't writing or drawing, so I just may be out of here.Talia shows up, and it's a bit confusing actual.

International IronMan #1

What the hell?  I thought this was the OTHER Ironman book!  Another new number one?  It's a flashback to Tony and some girl named Cassandra in College or something, and Hydra shows up and stuff happens.  It's not terrible, but I honestly thought that I had picked up the next issue of the other Ironman book, and kept wondering where Mary Jane and Rhodey were. 

I think I'm getting jaded or something.


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