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Friday, November 27, 2015

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Oh this was a pretty darned good week. Is it me, or did November just fly by? I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey.

Robin; Son of Batman #6

I have been enjoying the heck out of Pat Gleason's first foray into writing, and with this issue we more or less come to a resolution of what Damian has been up to. He has been doing his best to make amends for the havoc he wreaked during his "Year of Blood" when Talia had him gong around stealing relics and proving himself a worthy Al Ghul. He has learned a few lessons along the way, which is a good thing.

Talia is back but I am pretty sure she hasn't learned much, and Damian is smart enough to not let her talk her way back into his good graces. A little too much bloody water over the dam for that to happen.

So...a very good book. Great art too.

Sinestro #17

Sinestro and Black Adam are fighting against the Paling, who just happens to be an old Guardian. Those guys never stop causing trouble! Naturally Adam gets turned into a Yellow Lantern. Also, Wonder Woman shows up.

It's not bad... but it does seem to be dragging just a little.

Angela: Queen of Hel #2

Olay, waaaaaay back when, Freyja condemned all the angels of the tenth realm of Heven to go to be slaves of Hela when they died, since they stole her baby, who grew up to be Angela. Sera died and naturally Angela has gone to find her and to fight off demons and tests and so on.

Again, it's not bad, but I have to admit that I preferred the previous stuff with the Faustian and stuff. I also have to admit that I find Angela as a character to be pretty dull. Sera is a lot more interesting. So, this is okay, but not fabulous.

Groot #6

As always, this is a hoot. The Guardian's get to party with the X Men, and we learn a bit about Groot and where he came from, and his compassion, and his loyalty. He is a great character, and it's just a fun book.

Pretty darned good!

Squirrel Girl #2

Oh god, how I do love this book. Doreen somehow ends up going back in time to the sixties, along with Tippy, but they manage to keep their heads, and even to adapt, and send messages to the future.
Nancy is the only one who remembers, and naturally is smart enough to find the messages that Doreen leaves for her.

It's a romp and a half and a heckuva lot of fun. 

So... Much... Fun!

Saga #31

Woohoo! Saga is back! Hazel is a couple of years older and still with her grandmother, which is god, but Alana and Marko are still out there trying to find her. Also, Izabel shows up and helps save the day. Gosh I missed our little ghost, entrails and all.

Hazel is more or less in school, and reveals a surprise to her teacher... who definitely is very surprised.

Fabulous of course.

So not a bad week at all.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

Any week with a new Saga is a good week!

At 3:17 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yes. Yes it is!


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