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Thursday, December 10, 2015


I honestly thought that I would only be picking up a single book this week, according to the previews.  Fortunately, I found some that were supposed to come out last week, but couldn't find until now.  And some restocks as well, so things weren't as hopeless as I had thought.  But still...!

Fables: The Wolf Among Us #12

I honestly am starting to lose track of who killed who, and who is actually dead, and just what the hell is going on, but hey, it has Snow and Bigby, so I'm still interested.  There is a whole lot of different artists in this issue, which is a bit jarring.  So it's not bad. Not great, but not bad.

Gotham Academy #13

I was quite startled to see this actually.  Didn't one just come out about two weeks ago?  For a while there it seemed as though it only came out every other month or so. 

A new kid has moved into the school and temporarily rooms with Olive which makes Maps sad, because she thought she was Olive's BFF or something. The new kid turns out to be a "Robin". I'm not reading all the Robin books, because why should I?  They uncover a...monster thing buried in the greenhouse who somehow knows Olive, and another Robin shows up...a real one, that I...think might be Damian, but who the hell knows at this point?  Different art as well. 

Again, not fabulous, but not terrible.

Avengers #2

There are 900 Avengers books out there at the moment, but this is the one with Stark, New Cap, Vision, Ms. Marvel, Nova and Thor and Spiderman.  They seem a bit disorganized and flailing around, and Tony has sold the Avengers tower to some guy named Gabriel, who seems a bit on the fishy side. You would think that Tony would do a bit of research before selling the tower to someone who is possibly a Villain, but hey., 

They are fighting a rogue Chitauri, which surprises me.  I thought all those guys were pretty much cannon fodder, but this is a more advanced one.  Nova messes up New Jersey again, much to Kamala's displeasure.  And Thor shows up, which is always nice. I honestly thought that her splash page was the last page of the issue, but it turned out that there were several more, which was nice.

Pretty good actually.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #l

I think this actually came out last week, and I heard good things about it, so what the heck?  It is actually pretty charming, and I DO love that cover.  Lunella is Moon Girl, and she's incredibly bright and smart and picked on naturally.  And she finds a weird artifact with her Kree detector or something and brings Big Red into the future along with a bunch of cranky Austrailopithecines or something. 

So, it's fun and quirky, and frankly, I love that.

Scarlet Witch #l

Well Wanda is back, and she's on her own, although she does hang out with the ghost of Agatha Harkness a lot. But she's given up being an Avenger.  Something strange is going on, with perfectly nice people turning into murderers, so magic is off, and she's investigating.  It's not a bad premise at all, and I don't mind a solo Wanda book.  I do wish that the art was a little less fuzzy.  I don't know if it is the inking, or the style of it, but the anatomy is off, and I find it a bit annoying.  We will see where this goes.

Nice cover though.

Klaus #l

Something NOT from the Big Two, by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora, with a retelling of the Santa Claus legend, and I am a sucker for a wolf on a cover.  This is beautifully drawn, the art is lovely. The story is interesting too, as Klaus is a hunter/trader who comes into town to sell his furs and meat, and finds out that it's a lot less...welcoming that it used to be, and that nobody can play with any toys any more and that the Count who rules the town is a nutjob, and has a mean nasty little kid. It's actually quite a bit more nuanced than that rather bald description, and there is a pet wolf and some northern lights, and dang it all...it's pretty darned good!

So, I had some unexpected books, but good books, which is always a nice thing. Sometimes I get a bit too stuck in my old comfortable rut.


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

We only had one book in common, and that was Avengers, which I'm enjoying. Otherwise I picked up Starfire which is still a hoot, and Hercules--which I'm planning on dropping because I think they're going in the wrong direction with the character.


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