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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tiny Reviews

Well that was a small week!

All New All Different Avengers #1

There seems to be a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that is alluded to in this book. That's okay, and it is rather nice that they do include Kamala's and the new Nova kid's first meeting.  That said, I liked this.  Sam's rescue on the bridge as the new Captain America, with Tony showing up in his flying car and all the Girl Scouts and phones was cute...and probably realistic.  Mark Waid has an excellent ear for dialogue and plots, and Adam Kubert does a nice job with the artwork.

It's an interesting combination of heroes, with Iron Man of course, and Thor, but it is Jane Foster Thor, the new Vision,  the Falcon as Cap, and just for fun, the new Nova, new Spider-Man, and Ms. Marvel.  Quite the combination of experience and youth.  We'll see how it all goes, but I am optimistic about this. 

The villain of the piece is some random Chitaurii, which of course borrows from the movies, and the guy who bought Stark Tower...is that the Minotaur guy?  Tony, Sam and Spider-Man swing into action...and get creamed. 

Then we have the first meeting between Kamala and Nova, and it is simply adorable.  They are both so young and doing their best, and trying out their patter and such.  Nova is fighting an alien, and Ms. Marvel shows up but she's not too impressed by his wit, and cavalier attitude towards her neighborhood.  Nova doesn't know who the buildings belong to, he's just trying to subdue the threat, but she can't forget who lives there, which is actually a rather refreshing attitude.

So afterwards, he's trying to impress her, she's not too impressed, but nervous, and then to top it off, he takes off his mask and tells her his name which completely floors her, because she isn't sure what to do in return.  Should she return the favor?  She NEEDS her secret identity, and she just met this guy, and what the hell is she supposed to do?  Then HE gets nervous, because he doesn't know what to do either, and it is very very well done.

Good book!

Thors #4

Finally!  It seemed like forever before this came out.  So Rune Thor turns out to be the bad Guy, killing off all of the Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes of Doomworld, and a few Thors who got in his way.  He's about to kill off hobo-Loki, when Ultimate Thor and Unworthy Thor show up and naturally a fight ensues.  He's been killing off all the Janes, because the NEW Thor, aka Jane Foster has shown up and told them all that Doom isn't the All-Father and Doomgard is not their home, they are Aesir, and should just snap out of it already. 

Naturally there is a lot of Thor on Thor action.  It's fun, and I can always watch some hammer-swinging. 

The Darkseid War/Green Lantern #1

I haven't been all that impressed with the whole Darkseid war thing going on. I don't really care.  The various Justice Leaguers have been turned into New Gods...I think.  Hard to say.  Batman has Metron's chair and is being a pretentious jackass...or at least MORE of one.  Flash is now the Black Racer or Death or something.  I haven't been reading them. But of course, I just can't resist a Green Lantern, and it is odd, but Hal actually seems to be the one with his head on the straightest!  Whodathunk? 

So, a mother box has gone to Oa, and taken over the battery, and keeps asking the various Green Lanterns if they want to be a God, and naturally, they all said no, because that's how they roll, and they all fail and get turned into Parademons.  So Hal shows up, after a bit of flashback to him in church trying to light a candle in memory of his father's death and talking to a mysterious figure in a flight jacket. 

So, being Hal, he does the unexpected, and decides to take the offer of being a God, and uses that power to restore all the Green Lanterns and Oa, and oh, it was Hal all along in the church talking to his younger self, and a lot of stuff about will power.  Then Hal says thanks, can you take away my Godhood and send me home, and everything is hunky dory again. 

Who knew it could be that easy?  And Hal is off to go smack Bruce around a bit for being a pretentious jackass, which I would have to say, would be a lovely thing to see.  So...it's nice to actually see Hal being Hal for a change.

Fables: The Wolf Among Us #ll

There is a lot about Bloody Mary, and boy has she got an attitude!  She and the Tweedles take Ichabod Crane, off to torture or something to do with the Crooked Man, but not before they fill Bigby with a whole lot of lead, and a silver bullet which stings like crazy.  But Snow White gives up Crane to save Bigby which makes him happy.  There is a fair amount of murder and mayhem along the way, but we still don't know who is committing the murders.

It's nice to see some of my favorite characters, but boy, does this thing drag a bit.  Not terrible, but awfully slow...with a lot of detours along the way. 

And that's that.  A small week. Not a bad week, but small.  But things do seem to be improving on the horizon, which is a good thing.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Hal being sensible...well it was bound to happen one of these days. A broken clock is right at least twice a day, right? ;P I don't think anyone wanted to do another Hal gets taken over by the power plot since Parallax. Still it's weird to think he's the one that went "you know what I'm just going to walk away from this and get the others to make sense."

I was considering getting the Wolf Among Us in trade since it has new scenes and I loved the game. But it sounds like the new plots only take away from the story. It's a shame, there are some thing that leave on a cliffhanger that I'd like to see addressed.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Mista Whiskas said...

Is Ms.Marvel going to still have her own title?

At 7:02 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Sometimes I think that Hal is just too... simpleminded when it comes to power. Yeah, he went through the whole Parallax thing, but even then, it want power for the sake of power, he just wanted to fix things and got a little carried away. But here, he DID fix things... and that was all he really wanted. I would love it if he gets to go and beat some sense into Batman.

I do believe that Ms Marvel is indeed going to have her own book. At least... she had better!

At 6:44 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I kind of figured it was because of Hal's experience with Parallax that he could turn away from the power. He's seen what happens when he gets that powerful and starts trying to "fix" things, and he'd know it doesn't end well.

Honestly, Superman should know it from all the times he tries to do too much, but I don't think new 52 Superman learns from his mistakes the way the old one might have.


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