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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Thursday's Reviews

A bit of a small week.  A Marvel-heavy week, which just surprises the heck out of me.  And I don't even LIKE the whole Secret Wars/Battleworld stuff!

Gothem Academy #7

Yes, I know that this came out weeks ago...but I finally finally found it. And it is a hoot. 

Somehow, due to a stolen quill pen that may or may not be magical, Maps ends up holding hands...semi-permanently with Damian Wayne.  There are magical ravens, mayhem and hilarity.  It's adorable.  Also, Damien ends up getting expelled, which is a bummer, but he's not particularly upset about it.  And the headmaster seems happy too.


Green Lantern #42

Well, Hal is still running around with long hair, which I find to be very...jarring.  I think he saw how well Guy was rocking the hair when he was a Red Lantern, and felt the need to compete.  Typical Hal. 

So...he's taking prince whatshisname home, along with the pirate, and discovers that the planet is frozen and dead, everything turned to stone. Rather similar to the Wall, and Relic.  Prince Whatshisname is depressed naturally.  Then the pirate dudes henchmen show up and Hal beats the stuffing out of them, until they decide that they don't really like Pirate dude all that much anyway, and make a strategic departure.  Hal has to keep reminding the Glove, that he doesn't arbitrarily kill people, so apparently the whole boundaries that stop other Lanterns don't apply here.

Hal is also wearing a trench coat. 


Oh, and Black Hand shows up, trying to revive all the dead people, except it doesn't work for him, and he bursts into tears.

I assume that Relic is going to be part of both this book and the new Green Lantern Corp/Lost Corps book, although I have to admit that Relic is NOT one of my favorite protagonists. So far, this just doesn't seem like Hal to me.  He's...he's trying too hard. And I still, for the life of me, can't figure out why he is even DOING this!  His whole motivation just seems...odd.  As in nonexistent.

Okay, but not up to previous standards.

A-Force #2

I'm still not really sure what is going on here...probably because I have been avoiding the whole Battleworld stuff.  They find a portal of some kind underwater, with Namor and Namorita and Namora, and maybe a few other people with "Namor" in their names.  It shows a bright swirly view of other universes, which is hopefully how they are going to get things back to normal eventually. 

America Chavez is still exiled, and nobody is too happy about it, but Jen is a bit of a toady for Doctor Doom. 

I have to say that Loki's house is really really nice.  I do love a nice painted lady Victorian.  For some reason she lives there with someone called Nico, and America used to live there.  Nico has found a nice blue sparkly girl, who is probably someone I should know. 

The rest of the women aren't too sure, and then a Sentinal shows up, and a fight breaks out, because...duh.  Sparkly girl ends up saving them, but Medusa still wants to turn her over to Doom.  But the other portal is still there, so Sparkly sends She-Hulk to it, and it ain't pretty.

I'm not completely convinced about this book.  I like all the women Avengers, because it's fun, and I like Loki of course, but some of them seem awfully judgemental.  I also don't know who Nico is. 

Not bad, I'll be sticking with this for a while anyway.

Groot #2

Awwww...this is so cute. A bit of a back story about how Groot met Rocket.  Also those people on the Space bus are real jerks. 

And then the Silver Surfer shows up. 

This is fun.  Sweet and fun.

Little a vs x Marvel #2

Not sure if that is the real title, but we have the Avengers as little kids and the X-men as little kids with rival tree houses, and they really really can't stand each other. Plus, it's Skottie Young, and it's...it's just a hoot. 

It is so nice to actually have the choice of some NOT Grim and Gritty comic books for a change!  Thanks Marvel! 

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7

Oh, and the insanity just continues.  From the previous issue, "Girl-Squirrel" isn't the cute adorable little rodent that she seems, she is actually Ratatoskr, a Norse immortal, who really ought to be hanging out on Yggdrasil, but is on earth causing mischief and mayhem.  Fights are breaking out everywhere, over the silliest things, such as waffles vs pancakes.  Thor and Odinson are a bit busy, but end up helping.

Squirrel Girl also takes Nancy, Koi Boi and Chipmunk Hunk to meet the Avengers, and  it...is magnificent, with old Cap and new Cap dissing Spider-Man.  But anyway, they do finally meet up with the Thors, and Nancy gets to go to Asgard!  She's just thrilled beyond belief because she writes fan-fiction about Cat-Thor. 

The rest of them confront Ratatoskr, who could give Loki a run for his money when it comes to chaos.

Oh God...I love this book...so VERY much!


At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl was definitely my most enjoyable book of the week.

At 6:06 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It is just...delightful.


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