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Monday, March 02, 2015

Red Lantern #39

Somehow, in all the excitement, generated mainly by my own feverish brain...I completely forgot to do a review of Red Lanterns!  Really, forgetting about Guy Gardner?  This is unprecedented! 

It is an...unusual issue to say the least.  But naturally I never say the least.  The incomparable Charles Soule has moved on to greener pastures, (sob!) and the writing is taken over by one Landry Walker, who does a pretty decent job all things considered.

Guy has been cruising around Earth, trying to rectify the damage caused when Atrocitus sent all those Rage Rings around.  He's been collecting them and trying to put things to right, when he wanders into a little town, that has a huge problem...mainly a really horrific looking monster.  And there is this baby, that Guy keeps trying to rescue, to little avail.

Turns out of course, that the baby is the cause, and there is a whole "Children of the Corn" vibe going on. The kid's parents were killed, and that is one REALLY cranky baby!  It also has the power to suck the rage right out of Guy, which he finds rather disconcerting.  Fortunately, Guy Gardner isn't about to get beaten up by a Baby!  At least...not for long.  He does figure out a way to connect, get rid of the Anger, and calm the little cherub down...except now he's stuck with the kid, at least for a while, and wanders off into the sunset with the kid strapped to his back.

Oh, nothing could possibly go wrong here! 

Actually I found this to be rather amusing.  Guy likes kids...and kids like Guy.  It could have been much worse, it could have been Hal!  Guy will figure something out, I'm sure.  I imagine it will only be for another issue or so anyway, since the whole Convergence thing is coming along soon, and we will be seeing the end of Red Lanterns, which makes me sad.  I wasn't all that thrilled with the concept when it first came along, but Guy has done a rather spectacular job of it, despite the fact that most of the Reds were killed.  But that was a given right from the first, and frankly, he has done a better job of running his corps than Hal ever did. 

So...an interesting issue.


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