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Thursday, February 26, 2015


It's a tough job, making it to the Comic Book Store, buying my books, and staggering home to make some tea and then read them...but I do it FOR YOU!  And, I do have to admit that the end of the month is always a plethora of good books.

Aquaman #39

Well, Atlanna has certainly aged well.  Arthur and Mera have managed to follow her to her hidden realm and are merely interested in a mother/son reunion, but she's a bit hard to talk to, since her first reaction is try and kill them.  She also doesn't think that Arthur is even supposed to be alive and then tries to sacrifice the two of them to a volcano God. 

She's not getting a card for Mother's day, I can tell you that! 

I assume that there is a reason for her paranoia, and we get a bit of it, but still...!

Pretty art, and an interesting story.

Batman #39

And the Joker continues to do this thing.  Is he just a man, or a monster, or something mythical?  We don't know, and his victims certainly don't know, and Bruce is reduced to trying to reason with the Court of Owls, and then gets some of his villains to actually help him out, by wearing masks and beating up people.  A good time had by all!

Too bad about Alfred.  Yeesh!

Man, this is scary and exciting, and brutal, and really good.

Batman '66 #20

And speaking of good...we have the Joker as Jokerman, and pretending to be a hero, but of course he's not. We also get Bruce and Dick shirtless, which is nice.  The the mysterious Pillager shows up, and oh, the shenanigans!

God, I do love shenanigans!  And I love this book so very very much.

Gotham Academy #5

Well, things certainly do happen in this issue!  They find a lizard man in the tunnels, which may or may not be Croc, they go to the dance, they find more tunnels, Olive goes out with Kyle and finds that Tristan has Langstrom virus, and that he had saved her earlier, although she doesn't remember it, and oh...Batman shows up.

Man, this is good.  And fun.

Red Lanterns #39


Sinestro #10

It really does look as though Mongul has Sinestro over a barrel this time, having depleated the energy in his ring, and hanging him up like a slab of meat, and killing off his army and such.  But it is never ever wise to count out Sinestro, although things don't look particularly good for him at the moment.

It is such a strange thing to be rooting for a villain, but part of the appeal of Sinestro, is that he has never ever considered himself to be a villain, which makes him a very interesting character indeed.  And it is nice to see more of Soranik.

Daredevil #13

Matt has confessed to being in love with Kirsten and in typical Matt fashion is now trying to sabotage himself, because he can't handle the terror of being happy/or worrying about what might happen to her.  When she gets kidnapped, he's all set to go after her, and punish whomever tried to hurt him through her.  Imagine his surprise, when her kidnapper was actually HER villain, not his! 

She's quite excited about it, which I found to be hilarious.  Matt seriously is at a loss, not knowing exactly what to do or how to handle this, although Foggy gives him a good talking to.  Also the Shroud shows up to help... or does he?

Fabulous.  As usual.

Thor Annual #l

Once again we have three ages of Thor.  Old King Thor, managed to bring life back to Midgard eons in the future, but is still having trouble getting things to work in his new garden.  All the trolls and elves and giants are gone, and he's feeling old and a little crabby.

Also his birthday is coming up, and his three grand-daughters decide to get him a present, and with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, they make...Animals for Midgard!  Yes, the zebras have wings and the elephants have a few more tusks than normal, but hey, they are in there trying, and he's just overwhelmed and happy.  There happens to be a little bit of the clay left over, so he makes a couple of humans, and calls them Jane and Steve.  And has a wonderful birthday after all.

Then we are in present day, with the new Thor, and Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg decide to take her out and run her through her paces, to see if she can match up with some of the deeds of Thor in the past.  Bar fights,  dragons, Elf-Queens, and more, and naturally, although she does do some things differently, a wonderful time is had by all. 

I give Fandral only a short time before he starts hitting on her.  That should be interesting.

Finally, we have young Thor. In a drinking contest.  Mephisto shows up, and Loki does his thing. The art is adorable, and the story is even more so, and frankly I could read a book of just this, all day long, because it is a hoot and a half. 

Seriously, get this book just for the third story, you won't be sorry! 

Not a bad week at all!  I was a bit rushed in my descriptions, because I still really don't feel very good, but maybe I'll curl up with more tea and read them all over again.  And so should everyone.


At 1:38 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

Agreed! Gotham Academy was great. I don't read any of the others you reviewed. And your hard work reviewing comics despite illness is much appreciated. :)

At 1:40 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

Commenting again because I forgot to check the email box.

At 4:56 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was fun, wasn't it? Are you looking forward to the whole Convergence thing?

At 7:11 AM, Blogger ShellyS said...

I'm not going to read Convergence, but at this point, I like the idea of it and the idea of DC titles being more about good stories and not continuity. I'm going to reevaluate what DC titles I want to read come June.


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