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Friday, November 28, 2014


I'm still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, but thought that I would give my reviews a try anyway.  God, I do love Thanksgiving. 

Aquaman #36

Well, things do seem to be coming together in an interesting fashion.  Atlantis keeps having seaquakes whenever Arthur shows up, which has to be disconcerting.  He has recently discovered that his mother's tomb is empty,which also has to be disconcerting.  Arthur is probably wishing he could just go hang out in his nice little lighthouse with Salty the Sea Dog,and give up this whole "King" business.

So they haul poor old Vulko out, and find out that Atlanna had been bundled off in a marriage of convenience to an unbalanced military leader, and he went fairly bonkers towards the end, so she decided to stage a coup d'etat, and fake her own death.  Vulko thought that it was real, so he's a bit devastated, and now Arthur feels he has to figure out what actually happened to her. 

The art is pretty, and the story is becoming more and more interesting, so I like this pretty well.

Batgirl #36

I finally got this, after my store ran out and had to reorder, and it's just as much fun as the first one.  The art is a hoot, and seems to really go with the more relaxed and fun story-telling.  This is a good move on DC's part, trying to get in on the Marvel Bandwagon of quirky books.  I like quirky books! 

Lots and lots of fun.  Which is something that Batgirl really desperately needed to be.

Batman '66 #17

And speaking of  fun!  I do love this book so much.  And with this issue, we have none other than King Tut.  Victor Buono was one of my favorites on the old television show, and they do a pretty good job of portraying him here.  He's come up with something called the "Osiris Virus", which turns people into Zombies.  So, naturally, he uses it.  That's what Villains do! 

And it works! Except it only works at night,and by daylight, they all have lost their zombie powers.  Curses!   Tut had had his zombie army bury Batman and Robin, and naturally, since they were wearing their Bat-Oxygen Masks, they had twenty minutes and a bunch of batarangs handy, so they could dig their way out.  King Tut even waves his arms and laments that he doesn't ever stay around to finish the job, which cracked me up to no end. 


Red Lanterns #36

Man, Guy is really pissed.

Poor Guy.

A small week, but a good week.  More on Guy tomorrow.


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Mista Whiskas said...

"This is a good move on DC's part, trying to get in on the Marvel Bandwagon of quirky books. I like quirky books! "

And yet, as I found out here recently, Marvel is going to end She-Hulk, one of the best quirky books out. Sadness...

Keep up the great posts!

At 6:13 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I am absolutely heartbroken about the end of She-Hulk. I'm beginning to think I'm a jinx!


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