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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Stuff I Bought

That wasn't a bad little week!

Batman '66/Green Hornet #3

And we continue our team up, with Robin and Kato suffocating and Batman giving into the demands of the Joker and the Glue Guy.  Bats and Hornet continue snipping at one another, there is Bat-Unconciousness Spray, a trip to the Bat Cave, a duel to the death between Robin and Kato, and just too much fun.

I really really like fun.

Fairest #28

To be quite honest, this really just reads as another issue of Fables, although that isn't a bad thing.  Snow White throws poor Reynard out of her house, and he ends up in Louisiana of all places.  King Cole and Rose Red convince the Witches to come up with five Glamours, to satisfy the demands of the Farm inhabitants, who were promised such things by Prince Charming.  Glamours are hideously difficult and expensive, so they establish a lottery, and hope that the unrest will die down. 

The art is pretty, and it is always fun to just see what sort of things are happening among the Fable Folk, so I liked this.

Green Lantern #34


Tiny Titans #3

Well, our superpowered tots are still trying to replace their destroyed and purloined Tree House, and I couldn't be happier.  We end up this time at the Rock of Eternity, and Robin is introduced to the Wizard who gives all those nice powers to Captain Marvel.  I refuse to call him Shazaam, because that's just silly. 

Turns out that the Wizard is a pretty cool old dude.  He even gives them a new Tree House!  That is shaped like a giant rock.  Of Eternity. 

Oh well.  At least Terra likes it.

So...so fabulous.

And speaking of Fabulous!

She-Hulk #7

Now that she is more or less on her feet financially, Jennifer takes a case involving patents and stuff with a Shrink Ray...more or less.  One partner wants to sell it, the other has taken the plans and...disappeared.  As in shrunk.  So naturally, they call in Hank Pym, who appears to be a pretty shrewd and competent hero in this book, which is a relief for a change. 

Turns out that it is insanely dangerous to shrink down, and Hank gets nabbed by a sparrow before he can summon his ants, so Patsy tries, and it doesn't really work out all that well, and Jen gets beat up by some cats, before she loses her temper, but they DO find the poor scientist hiding out inside a coke can.

Turns out however, that his formula is flawed, and he has turned into a living bomb, so they have to find him and embiggen him or a whole lot of buildings are going to get blowed up.  They DO find him, and embiggen him, but he had an accident and lost part of a finger, which is still explosive.  He doesn't believe Hank, who is his rival anyway, and then lo and behold, it DOES blow up! 

So incredibly good.  And fun. 

And speaking of Fun!

Sergio Aragones Groo vs. Conan #l

 photo groovsconan.jpg

I think I've been waiting for this my whole life!

A...fun week!  That's a rarity anymore!


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