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Friday, October 25, 2013

Red Lanterns #24

Gosh, I did like this book.  Still not sold on the artwork.  I miss Pasarin and Gleason so much, and I could do without the giant ass shots of Bleez.  I only want giant ass shots of Guy!

Yes, I am a hypocrite.

Anyhoo, last issue, we had Guy begging Hal to come and get him out, and finding out that...oops, no can do.  So Guy is feeling Just A Tad Betrayed.  Stupid Hal!  And Bleez was eavesdropping on the whole thing, and confronts Guy about his little problem.  These two have been having a bit of a power struggle already, since Bleez is probably the smartest and sneakiest of the Red Lanterns.

Guy, being Guy and therefore awesome...calls her bluff, and points out that he was the one who beat Atrocitus, and that he could easily do the same to the rest of them, and that he's been hung out to dry by the Green Lanterns just once too often.  Then he goes and finds the bar in their cool newly stolen space ship.

The rest of the Red Lanterns are there, and Guy immediately puts Bleez on the spot, by telling her to spill the beans about his being a plant.  She chickens out...as he was pretty sure she would, and he then calmly tells the rest of them exactly what happened.  Naturally, they are a bit angry about him being outed as a spy, but he also points out that he's a bit sick and tired of being let down, and he's really one of them now.

And who should show up but Hal and all of the rest of the Green Lanterns.  Considering he just finished telling Guy that he was stuck, and Oh Well...Hal's got a lot of nerve.  On the other hand, where else is he going to go?   The Red Lanterns aren't particularly happy to see them,and most of the Green Lanterns are a bit startled as well.  Guy isn't thrilled either, and manages to make his displeasure with Hal known...quite emphatically. 

Oh Hal, your brilliant idea about making Guy a spy has come back to bite you in your well-rounded behind...just as we knew it all would.  Guy tried to warn him about what could happen, but nooooo...Hal was too smart for him!   Stupid Hal. 

They do calm down enough for Hal to try and explain what is going on.  Since the Red Lantern's powers aren't due solely to the entity and the rings, but also to magic, they actually are the only corps that seems to still have their powers.  Hal wants them to go out and fight Relic.  Guy naturally enough, isn't too enthused about this, pointing out that Hal only wants something...as usual, and he decides to strike a deal, that he and the Red Lanterns will end up with their own sector.  Hal isn't happy either, but what real choice does he have?

Meanwhile, Atrocitus has been just a happy little maniac since he merged with the Butcher, entity of the Red Rings.  Too bad that Kyle happens to wander by,and the Butcher promptly un-merges with Atrocitus and leaps into Kyle.  So there is poor old Atrocitus floating in space about to die..again, but Dex-Starr tries to defend him.  Kyle makes short work of him, and there they are, floating in space.  A monster and his cat.  Dex-Starr's ring has managed to save Atrocitus a second time. 

I really am getting a little tired of Atrocitus, he's been pretty pathetic.  Dex-Starr should just let him die and go back and join the rest of the Red Lanterns. I'm sure that Guy would scratch his head and be nice to him.

I liked this issue, but I do have to admit that I was hoping for a bit more of a reaction from the rest of the Green Lanterns.  Nobody knew what had happened to Guy, Hal just told everyone that he up and quit.  Kilowog has to be concerned and so does Arisia, and all of the rest.  Guy is actually a pretty popular guy amongst the Green Lanterns...more so than Hal, for that matter, so what Hal did to him, has to surprise everyone.  I'm hoping that will be addressed somewhat in the Annual, which I presume will be out next week.

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