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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

There are worse things to do on a hot muggy summer afternoon, than snuggle up next to the air conditioner, and read new comics.  While sipping iced tea no less. 

Onward then!

Batman #22

I am enjoying Greg Capullo's artwork more and more with every issue.  Oh, and Scott Snyder isn't bad either.  I'd love to see what Capullo could do with a Green Lantern! 

But anyway, this story continues to look at Batman before he became Batman...and it is a pretty decent tale.  The Red Hood has taken over, Bruce is doing his level best, but he is in pretty much over his head still, and being snide to Alfred isn't helping things.  Seriously Bruce...being rude to Alfred?  For Shame! 

Bruce is having some problems with his uncle as well, who just outed the fact that he's back and alive to the elite of Gotham.  Bruce doesn't handle it too well, and panics, only to run into none other than Edward Nigma, who just can't help himself when it comes to riddles. 

This is pretty darned perfect for a comic book.  Twelve Thumbs Up!

Batman: Li'l Gotham #4

And speaking of just about perfect!  This is so damned cute I can hardly believe it.  Also, it has Damian in it!  Being adorable.  And hungry.   Dustin Nguyen ad Derek Fridolfs simply sparkle with the art and the stories.  It's so freakin' wonderful to sit down and read something that doesn't have decapitations, mostly nekkid ladies, and bad characterization!  Fun for everyone!  Hey DC!  You remember fun?

Demon Knights #22

And so the Quest for the Grail continues.  And actually,,, they find it!  There are a few complications with Savage, who naturally enough betrays them...again, and some giants who decide to attack, and a few other things going on.  There is a bit of a surprise at the end for the Horsewoman as well. 

This is a nice book.  The art is decent, and I rather enjoy the Medieval Justice League.

Green Lantern Corps #22

Not too shabby at all.

Hawkeye #12

And again...speaking of not being too shabby!   

Clint's brother Barney.   You remember Barney!  A ne'er-do-well and Clint's older brother.  We have a bit of a flash-back to their less than happy childhood, and a few other shenanigans with the Russian mobsters, plus Hawkeye's problems after last months stellar issue. 

Gosh, this is good.

Justice League #22

Oh come on!  This is starting to really really annoy me.  We are getting things set up for the Big Battle of the Summer, with the Trinity War, which will of course lead directly into the Villains Taking Over in August, because that is what Comics do nowadays...endless endless crossovers.

Captain Mar...oops, Shazaam is feeling remorseful about Black Adam and decides that he's going to go to Khandaq and scatter his ashes there, which seems like a fairly nice thing to do. Except nobody is supposed to go to Khandaq, although that didn't stop Superman and Wonder Woman a little while back, but hey...they're special.  Meanwhile, Amanda Waller is scheming, because that is what she does, and Steve Trevor protests weakly, because that is what HE does, and the entire Justice League goes barrelling after poor Billy, and the Justice League America goes barrelling after the Justice League, and Pandora shows up with her Box, and apparently turns Superman evil or something and he kills Doctor Light, who is nice and no longer an evil rapist.


Naturally, with Ivan Reis, the art is lovely.  Which doesn't keep the story from being completely and totally...preposterous. 

Young Avengers #7

What is NOT preposterous is this book.  One of my absolute favorites.  Our doughty young heroes, can't hang out with their parents, because bad things happen.  But they do go into space and fight what seem to be Skrulls, who are out vandalizing things, because well...teenagers apparently. Except they aren't really Skrulls, but nebbish shape-shifter wannabees.  

Heading back to earth...and breakfast, the crew runs into Prodigy, who manages to actually impress them and informs them that Tommy has been kidnapped, into another dimension, and perhaps they ought to do something about it.  Which of course they do. 

Again, I cannot stress enough how beautifully rendered the artwork by McKelvie is, or just how much damn fun the dialogue and story by Gillen is. 

Fun.  There's that word again!


At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

Couldn't read Justice League. Hawkeye and Young Avengers were really good. Daredevil and Astro City were both excellent.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Hawkeye and Young Avengers were indeed quite quite fabulous. And I really DO have to start picking up Daredevil, except that I keep forgetting. But seriously...Samnee is one of my favorite artists, and Mark Waid isn't too shabby either.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger SaneN85 said...

I love the fact that Barney was shown to be the guy that was getting hit by the bros when Pizza Dog strolled by (last issue).

At 6:54 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh Pizza Dog. Best New Character of the year.


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