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Friday, June 21, 2013

Green Lanterns: New Guardians #21

Finally, the title of "New Guardians" actually makes sense!

So, the evil Guardians are all dead, and the nice sweet New Guardians are here to take over for them, as the new Masters of the Universe or whatever.  This bunch knows that they have been locked away for umpteen billion years, and are therefore somewhat naive about the ways of the worlds, and so, they, in their infinite wisdom have appointed Hal Jordan to lead the Green Lanterns, and want Kyle Rayner to be their tour guide of the Cosmos.  Which actually...is not a terrible idea.

Except that Kyle says no. 

This rather startles the New Guardians.  Kyle is obviously feeling a bit fed up with everything, especially what went down with Ganthet...he doesn't know that Ganthet and Sayd are actually alive and living Happily Ever After.  So Kyle is grumpy.  Can't blame him for that.  And Guy is nowhere to be found, so he can't  coax him out of his bad mood.  Hal however IS around, and they go off and do manly things, which fighting Space Sharks.

I might be slightly more charmed by the idea of Space Sharks, if they hadn't used the exact same concept in Thor, just a couple of weeks ago...and it seemed to work a little bit better there.  But the IDEA of Space Sharks certainly does have its charms. 

Anyhoo...Hal talks Kyle into going along with them...mainly because he doesn't completely trust them yet...but he does trust Kyle to keep an eye on them.  Which is actually a decent idea, and I'm surprised that Hal came up with it.  Which is more or less what Carol says, as she watches Kyle pack up the contents of his apartment.  Kyle doesn't understand why she is being so snotty about Hal, and frankly neither do I.  Just for a change of pace...let's have a hero and a heroine actually HAVE a love life!  It certainly worked for Ralph and Sue.  It worked for Clark and Lois too, until DC decided to mess with it. 

So...Kyle goes flying off with the cute little new Guardians, to the ends of the Universe, where they discover a large bloated red...thing, that they call the Anomaly!  Other ships and other cultures are there taking notes, but they all cut and run when they see the Guardians show up.  This suprises them, until Kyle points out that practically everyone is scared spitless by them, thanks to the antics of the OLD Guardians.  Then this large fellow named Exeter shows up, he is the Guardian of the Anomaly, and he tells them in no uncertain terms to take a hike.  Naturally, they have to argue.  Naturally, they have to fight.  Naturally, the Anomaly reacts and stuff starts to blow up.


This really isn't bad.  I found Kyle to be a bit too jaded and cranky for my tastes, but on the other hand, I suppose that can be a natural reaction for someone who's world has literally been turned inside out.  I do find that these new Guardians seem to be awfully up to date on modern idioms and methods of expressing themselves...you would think that their forms of communication would be a bit more...archaic.  But that's just my taste.  Maybe the ring translates them into contemporary phraseology.  However, for a first issue, with new writers and artists, it wasn't bad at all.  I am certainly sufficiently intrigued to hang around and see what happens next. 


At 4:01 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

After reading the three GL comics from the new creative teams I have to say I enjoyed them a whole lot more than the efforts of the old creative for the last year or even couple of years. (I likely won't check out Red Lanterns. Guy or no Guy. They bore the crap out of me)

The main title GL felt the weakest to me since it didn't really flow smoothly and there were a few things that made me scratch my head. But it was still stronger than most of the recent Geoff Johns output. The Carol-Hal scene was a bit ham-fisted but since she is hanging out in New Guardians these days, I can see why they regurgitated the issues between the two.

GLC was stellar though. I loved that the art looked brighter and doesn't have the dreary Bat-feel anymore. Also it looked like SciFi with the different aliens and building styles. The story was nice and fairly fast paced setting things up with the Durlans. Plus John finally gets a chance to shine again. He isn't reduced to a two dimensional stoic Marine sniper anymore. I loved to see his architecture background reflected in the constructs again. Yrra is okay. I hope we finally see the whole Xanshi stuff buried forever through the romance story.

GL:NG was pretty darn good, too. Kyle's attitude seems believable and having Guardians again who aren't the spawn of hell is refreshing. I just hope that Relic isn't just another cookie cutter uber villain.

Sure, there is room for improvement but it is a strong start and I hope they can build on it.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

All things considered, they weren't bad. I think that I too liked Green Lantern Corps the best...I'm just feeling depressed that Guy wasn't in it. I am also missing Doug Mahnke.

However, the art in GLC was very very nice, and my favorite of the three so far.

I am still a little bemused at the idea of Hal being in charge. Do they even still have the Honor Guard any more?

Poor Kyle does seem a bit jaded lately.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Shiraste said...

At risk of being burned at the stake for speaking heresy, I am actually glad that Guy wasn't in GLC. It gives John a fair chance who was totally eclipsed by his partners in the book. Plus we actually get 'screen time' for new Lanterns. I just hope they don't end up as 'red shirts' like usual.
Speaking of red, I assume Guy's transition to the Reds will be explained in this weeks Red Lantern Corps.

It sort of makes sense that Hal took over the reins, since GJ let his homie Hal save the day all the time. Hal killing Krona, Hal shaking Nekron out of his sleeve, Hal this, Hal that. It might be interesting to see Hal grow as a character, though. I only have spotty knowledge of GL v3 but I seem to recall that Hal didn't really like doing leadership stuff, seeing how he couldn't bolt fast enough back to Earth after having recruited Brik, Boudikka, Tomar Tu etc. This time he doesn't seem to have an easy way out.

I have no idea about the Honor Guard. It might be dissolved totally or most HG members got another job in (or out of) the Corps and so it lies dormant for the while.

Well, can you really blame Kyle? The guy has been through so much crap lately. But I think he will snap out of it eventually.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I agree that it is nice to have the spotlight on John for a change. But oh...I miss my Guy. I do believe that he is supposed to be going undercover with the Red Lanterns, which is a relief, since I thought that he had already done enough Raging.

It WOULD be nice if they could actually let Hal grow a bit. In the new DC continuity, he was such a callow jerk in the Justice League. Fortunately, he seemed a little more with it in the Green Lantern Corps, which is odd, since Geoff Johns was writing both books.

But Hal is used to swooping in and saving the day and then riding out of town in a blaze of glory into the sunset. It will be interesting to see him actually have to hang around on Oa, and help train the Nightlights, and run the Corps. It's reputation is apparently mud, because of the Guardians shenanigans.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Two things:

One, I'd like to see Hal buried under paperwork as new boss guy. Just totally drive him nuts. It could even turn out to be the ultimate revenge on him by, um, well, there has to be someone that would think making Hal an administrator. Maybe the Javelin?

Two, if the GLC's not too popular in the space these days, what do people think of the other Corps? Do they know about the Indigos, or Larfleeze? I can't imagine a Corps of people who run around vomiting acid blood are popular, for example.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Calvin, that's a fabulous idea. Make mister Hotshot test pilot and daredevil sit at a desk filling out forms all day. Salaak has quit that position.


I think that the Hope Corps are still fairly popular. The Indigo's don't seem to be doing too much. But yeah, I don't imagine that the Red Corps is all that much fun and games.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Shiraste said...

I can see Hal shown as being frustrated with paperwork. But I don't believe it will be all that much. Poor Kilowog will likely have to do most of it as he took over from Salaak.

I agree. I think the Blues are the only ones that are seen positively in the universe at the moment. A big maybe for the Indigos (because almost no one knows that they are made up of the worst scum there is - I am just waiting for an Indigo Lobo :P) and the Star Sapphires. The Red, Yellow and Orange ones should be despised.. and the Greens after the Guardians' Third Army fiasco as well.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yup, the Guardians really really messed things up. Stupid Guardians!

Presumably, the Corps will just have to save the Universe a few dozen times, and hopefully things will improve.

But...poor Kilowog, getting stuck with all the paperwork!


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