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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Green Lantern #22

And so the Hal-led era of the Green Lantern Corps continues.  Larfleeze has decided that he is going to attack Oa, because it is vulnerable, and well, why the hell not?  Due to all of the shenanigans with Volthoom and the Guardians, the Corps is stretched dangerously thin.  There is dissension in the ranks, and Hal doesn't really know what he is doing.

Not that that is a change really.  Haw!

But he's stepping up as best that he can, having sent all the pent-up rings  that the Guardians had been hoarding out into the cosmos to find new recuits, some of whom have just shown up.  Naturally enough, they don't have a clue about what they are doing, so Hal has to give some quick advice all while fighting off Larfleeze's goons. 

I'm...like this actually.  Plus there is a hilarious panel of one of the rookies trying to figure out how to use his ring, and accidentally clocking Hal in the head.  So...so classic.  Fortunately, St. Walker and a random Star Sapphire show up.  We don't learn her name, but that's ok...she won't be around too long. 

There is a moment of consternation amongst ALL of the compatants when their rings all simultaneously conk out for a minute...and then come back on-line as it were.  This was hinted at in last issue's rendition, and I imagine it is going to be the crux of the future storyline.  But the rings do get their power back, and Larfleeze's ring-generated minions grab the poor Star Sapphire and basically...pull her apart, if you go by the rather grisly sound effect.   That is fridging with a vengeance!  Robert Venditti has his first fridging, but at least they don't show body parts or whatever. 

Her ring flies off to a prisoner in the Science Cells, a certain young woman named Nol-Anj, who is doing her very very best to con the Lantern who is guarding her, into setting her free.  She ends up with the ring, and  Cossite, the Lantern figures they can fly off together and make sweet sweet love.  But although she is apparently capable of Great Love, it isn't for him, but for her clann, who took her in and made her their queen.  So she stabs him, and leaves him to die on the floor. 

The Rookies are starting to get the hang of it, but Hal comes up with a fairly smart strategy...for Hal anyway.  He gets Kilowog to power up all of the ships that are on Oa, and fly them away, figuring that Larfleeze will want them...and he does!  It also gives Nol-Anj a way to get off of Oa. 

So everything is ok for the moment, except that they still have a dead Sapphire and Vozz discovers the dead Lantern and that there has been an escape.  So Hal still has his hands full.  Too bad that he sent Guy off to the Red Lanterns.  And Kyle off with the new Guardians.  And John off...somewhere.  Just can't share the limelight can you Hal? 

All things considered however...I have to say that I liked this.  Venditti seems to have a pretty decent grasp on Hal and the other Lanterns.  The art isn't great, but it isn't bad either, and there are even some good Green Lantern Butts thrown in for good measure.  The post Johns era seems to shaping up pretty well, all things considered. 


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