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Friday, July 05, 2013

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Action Comics #22

I was reading this religiously when Grant Morrison was writing it, and when Andy wrote it, and now that Scott Lobdell is writing it...did I miss an issue or two or something?  I know that somewhere in some of the Super Books, Clark quit the Daily Planet, but apparently so did Cat Grant, and I guess they are starting their own blog or something.  The art is horrendous, and Clark uses his heat vision for personal gain. 

I did not like this. 

Batman #12

I DID like this however.  Talia and Leviathan have pushed Batman to his very last nerve.  It isn't all that often that you see Bruce lose complete control like this.  He goes to town on Damian II, and everyone else gets their licks in as well, and there is weird Bat-Science, and oh heck...it's fun.  Over-blown, insane and fun. 

Fairest #17

More about Charming and his story.  Charming is a fun character...he can be so incredibly reprehensible, and yet somehow he always manages to land on his feet.  And lets face it...he IS pretty charming.  Too bad he has some sort of creeping crud. 

Nicely done as usual.

Green Lantern #22


Swamp Thing #22

I've been reading this on and off.  But I can never resist a Constantine appearance, which has someone who has apparently stolen part of the Green or something, and he grants a town that lost their whiskey brewery with a tree that grows...booze.  Really GOOD booze!  Too bad it turns everyone into wackadoodles... including John.

Pretty darned good.

X-Men #2

Marvel is actually beginning to woo me back with some decent books.  This is the one with the whole female cast, and it is pretty spectacular.  Sublime shows up, and now he's a sentient fungus or something...I must have missed that part when I gave up on the X-Men in disgust a while back.  His sister is evil too, and Jubilee no longer seems to be a vampire which is a good thing, and has acquired  baby.   I honestly don't really know what is going on completely but I am interested.  And the art by Coipel is lovely as always.

So...not a whole lot of books, but not bad ones.


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