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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well, THAT was a rather spectacular Wednesday!  I haven't had that many books all in one week in quite  a while!  So let us begin.

Aquaman #21

And the plot is certainly thickening!  Tula and her cohorts continue to kvetch and plot against Arthur.  We'll see where this ends up.  Mera goes home, and meets up with her "husband" Nereus...except he was just her betrothed apparently, which is something of a relief.

Meanwhile, Arthur shows how cool he is, and a very bad fellow indeed, is using left-over Atlantean weaponry to stock a bunch of really crappy looking submarines...so that he can invade Atlantis!

All sorts of things are being set in place, and there is a lot going on, including an extremely old and frozen King.  I will be eagerly seeing how this all plays out.

Batman/Superman #1

Dang, but the art by Jae Lee is pretty.  So...so very pretty.  This is apparently the first meeting of Superman and Batman as Clark travels to Gotham, and is pretty shocked by what he finds.  Then it all begins to have flashbacks and things, as Catwoman is doing terrible thing in Metropolis, and people are possessed, and darn it, it was actually pretty good.  I will be staying with this, at least for the time being.

The Flash #21

Barry vs Bart!  Barry is chasing Bart all over the place, mainly just to ask him some questions, but Bart isn't taking any chances.  Barry learns that Bart isn't from...around here, and ends up teaching him a thing or two.  Meanwhile, the Reverse Flash is still out there, picking off speedsters.  The art is lovely as usual, and dang it...it's kinda fun.


Now, if I could only get Wally.

Jonah Hex #21

Well, Booster is talented at many things, but driving a horse-pulled wagon isn't one of them.  He and Jonah and the Dwarf they rescued are being hotly pursued by the Bad Guys, when Booster manages to drive his wagon over a cliff, taking Jonah with him.  Fortunately for them, they don' t die in the fall.  Unfortunately, they get tossed into a time warp or something. Booster knows all about this sort of thing, and tries to hold onto Jonah, but they get separated and poor Jonah ends up in...

...modern day Gotham City!

Oh...this is going to be fun.

Justice League of America #5

Well, for all the people who were worried about Catwoman being killed...it was actually J'onn.  Pretty smart, really. She's still lurking, and nefarious plots are still being hatched.  Amanda Waller wants to shut down the JLA, so Steve Trevor fights for them...which is secretly what she wants anyway.  Courtney shows up to help save the day, and Simon Baz shows up, and is highly confused.  Argus doesn't want B'dge, as their Green Lantern, which quite frankly, is their loss...because B'dge is fabulous!

Also, Hawkman is extremely hard to subdue, there are doppleganger robots, and odd things begin to happen to the new DC Doctor Light.  Not Kimiyo, but hopefully not Doctor McRapey either.

This wasn't too bad actually.  Not great...but not bad.

Justice League #21

Now this was pretty good!  Instead of focusing on the Justice Losers, we have Black Adam and Billy Batson, who finally is acting like a hero.  He also fools Black Adam, by transferring his powers to all of his foster brothers and sisters, so we suddenly have Mary Marvel, and Freddy, and all sorts of interesting things going on.  Being good kids, they naturally, immediately use their powers for...Good!

Also Talky Tawney.  Be still my heart.

Justice League Dark #21

Xanadu is faced with one of her mistakes, mainly her son, who is doing his best to be all evil and kill off everyone.  She is looking into the future, because that is the sort of thing that she does.  The Flash is running around helping out, and being confused, but ending up actually enjoying himself.  Frankenstein does his usual wonderful stuff, Constantine is enigmatic, and Deadman is starting to make googoo eyes at Xanadu.

Oh, and they free Swamp Thing.

Also good stuff.  And pretty pretty art.

Larfleeze #1

I am not quite sure what to think of this.  It is Giffen and DeMatteis back together again, and there is some snappy dialogue and some moderately amusing moments.  But in some ways, I get the impression that they are trying just a little too hard.  Also the art by Scott Kolins doesn't really do it for me.  If it was Kevin Maguire and his magical magical expressions and body language, perhaps it would be a little more fabulous.

As it is...well, it isn't terrible.  I guess I'll stick with it for a bit and see where it goes.

Red Lanterns #21



Hawkeye #11

Pizza Dog.  A story told from the perspective of Clint's dog.  It is clever and only slightly confusing, and the art is great as usual.   An interesting idea certainly.

Actually, I take that back.  It's a great idea.

This was a really good book.  With a rather gut-wrenching ending. 

But man, is that a great cover or what?

Journey Into Mystery #653

Well, Beta Ray Bill has shown up, crashing into the satellite or space station or whatever, where Sif is guarding Gaia. Gaia is feeling off her feed lately.  Scuttlebutt, Bill's ship is damaged, and his fiance is killed, and he seems more worried about his ship.  Things are happening...odd things, and their memories keep getting mixed up and stuff.

I am so depressed that they are going to be cancelling this book.  I really do feel like a jinx sometimes.

Young Avengers #6

Well, Loki and the others aren't in it, but we do get a look at a couple of potential new recuits for the Young Avengers, and it is pretty fun as usual.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the artwork, it is clean and unfussy, and it just WORKS!

The writing is great too, Gillen manages to mix in the funny and the macabre all together so effortlessly.

A whole lot to read and enjoy.  I hope that you all enjoyed your books too!


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

There were a ton of books this week--almost overwhelming. I dropped my thoughts off in the usual location.

I didn't like Justice League at all really. I want the real Captain Marvel back. Hawkeye, Journey Into Mystery and All-Star Western were quite good.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Randy, I too miss the real Billy. I miss Mary too. And Talky Tawney. I REALLY like Talky Tawney for some unexplainable reason.

Hawkeye, JIM and Jonah Hex were all pretty fabulous. And so, believe it or not, was Red Lanterns!


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