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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Great Googally Moogally, that was a sensational week!

Aquaman #20

Arthur isn't eve IN this, but it is a fairly nice story about some of his old buddis, aka The Others, and how they all end up helping some Apaches in Arizona.  Granted, that is probably not the best place to put a Sea King.  I actually thought that the Skinwalkers story was a Navajo one, but what do I know?

It had nothing to do with Aquaman, but the characters were fun, and not a bad story, so what the heck.

The Flash #20

Barry is just glad to be back on the job, and not having to deal with talking gorillas for a while.  Silly Barry.  Instead of being upstairs with the grown-ups however, they have stuck him in the basement with all of the "cold" cases, which may turn out for the best, since Barry seems to do better without someone peering over his shoulder all the time. 

He is still investigating what happened to the people who were in the Speed Force with him, and trying to ferret out what happened,and who killed who, and does Iris have any powers.  It is a nice story, and nice art, and I liked it.

Green Lantern #20


Green Lantern: New Guardians #20

One of the sequels to Green Lantern.  More anon.

Jonah Hex #20

And the dynamic duo of Booster Gold and Jonah Hex continues.  Yes, I know the book is actually called All-Star Western, but it's about Jonah Hex, and I'm gonna CALL it Jonah Hex, dammit! 

Remember that really nasty gang of outlaws that were robbing and killing people in Booster's town?  Well, they had the misfortune to run into someone even bigger and meaner than they were.  Jonah and Booster have tracked them to  the new Baddie's lair, and Jonah is all set to go in with guns blazing, but Booster manages to talk him out of actually....killing anyone.  Jonah isn't particularly happy, but he is busy cutting the heads off the gang, so that he can get the bounty. 

Booster, bless his heart, sneaks in, gets the last gang member, and the gold so that he can payoff Jonah, but gets caught and shot at...guess what, his suit makes him bullet proof!  I love boys from the future!  I'm having  a ball with this particular pairing.  Booster always makes things better and for some reason, Jonah seems to actually...like him.


Justice League #20

Well, who should show up on the Satellite of Love, but Despero!  And he and J'onn have something of a history.  The rest of the League is earthside, so it is up to  Firestorm, Element Woman and the New Atom to take down Despero by themselves, and it just ain't gonna happen.  Plus Atom has a secret. 

Fortunately for all of them, J'onn does show up and makes short work out of Despero.  He takes off again, after swearing the Atom to secrecy, so when the rest of the League shows up finally, she has to lie and say that they managed to take out Despero solo.  She's a bit frantic, and wants to quit, but it turns out that her deep dark secret is that she is working for Amanda Waller, who has planted her as a mole in the Justice League. 

I am really not too happy with this new 52 version of Amanda Waller as a super paranoid patriot.  Yes, I can see where they would want to know what the League was up to, but it is a bit too...Marvel-ish for me.  One of the main attractions of the DC universe as opposed to the Marvel one, is that the DC denizens actually LIKE their superheroes!  They don't hate and fear them, they give them parades and museums!  It's almost as though someone from Marvel was running things and bringing in a Marvel point of view! Gosh!

Justice League Dark #20

Well, who should show up to help our hapless magicians but the Flash, and I have to say that Barry is a bit of a hoot there.  Frankenstein is also growing on me, he has such a dry sense of humor. 

Dr Destiny is having himself a fine old time messing with all of them of course, and he's also got poor Swamp Thing tied up and being tortured.  Also that is quite the cliff hanger on the last page!

Good fun.

Red Lanterns #20

I haven't been picking this up with any sort of regularity, but I figured I would take a peek.  Rankkor saves his almost girlfriend, but alienates her at the same time, and decides he's going to be a REAL Red Lantern now!  Bleez says she's going to follow Atrocitus, but you know that probably won't stop her from scheming on the side. 

It's...ok, but nothing particularly outstanding.  I'm not too happy about them bringing Guy in...but naturally I'll read it.

Superman #20

I've only been reading Action, because Lobdell is not one of my favorite writers, but heck, it had Orion on the cover, and I couldn't pass that up!  Orion and Superman fight of course, and it is a lovely lovely fight...each one being a bit surprised by the strength of the other.  Then Wonder Woman shows up and spoils their little romp.  Turns out that Orion thought Clark was going to go nutso, and Clark notices that Orion and Diana seem to have a bit of a...history, so he's a little jealous, and Hector Hammond winds up getting out of Superman's head, which is why Orion was fighting him in the first place. 

I don't know if I would read this on a regular basis, but hey...Orion!

Journey into Mystery #652

Gaia is feeling a bit out of sorts, and her garden in Asgardia is dying.  Sif is more than happy to help...but she doesn't really know what to do...so she goes off to Broxton and calls upon Jane Foster.  There is an absolutely fabulous couple of panels where they joke about Thor, that just cracked me  up. 

She ends up getting Iron Man to take her and Gaia to some sort of space station,where Gaia and the Garden can recover.  I don't fully understand this, but what the heck.  But then they get invaded accidentally by none other than Beta Ray Bill, with whom Sif has a history.  Oh, and Ray's fiancee, which should turn out to be VERY interesting.

Dang, I do like this book.

Young Avengers #5

And speaking of loving a book!  Our young heroes are fighting for their lives against their possessed and reanimated parents, since Loki apparently borrowed Wiccan's powers and took off.  So Wiccan is going to commit suicide to save them.  But Loki comes back.  And why?  Because sweet little Loki, who I thought had been killed by the shade of evil Loki isn't completely gone!  He's lurking around in Loki's brain functioning as his conscience! 

I'm so so happy.  I love good Loki!  I love bad Loki too, so this should be a load of fun. 

Loki does manage to save their butts, but his body isn't strong enough to be able to do all of the manage that adult Loki used to be able to do, so they take off in Marvel Boy's cool space ship, that has Kirby rockets that run off of belief, because Kate promised to show him all about Earth as a Hot-Make-Out spot. 

The art is gorgeous, the story is hilarious, and gosh, I do love this book!


At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

I just dropped some thoughts about this week's books here. I'd have to say right now that I'm enjoying Marvel's output moreso than DC's these days, despite the fact that DC is putting out some quality comics.

At 7:29 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I just checked out your site Randy, and it's fabulous! Consider yourself bookmarked.

And thanks.

Oh, and All-Star Western IS good dirty fun.

I'm not reading as many Marvel books as I used to, but I am enjoying the heck out of Young Avengers, Journey Into Mystery and Thor...and Hawkeye. I probably should pick up Daredevil too, it looks great.


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