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Monday, May 20, 2013

I Luv Lanterns!

Lately, it seems as though I have just been going through the motions on my little ol' blog.  Doing the weekly reviews, seeing what dumb thing DC or Marvel has done lately...the usual.  And it occurs to me, that perhaps I have been drifting a little too far away from what it was that prompted me to start this whole blogging thing lo...so many many moons ago.

Green Lanterns.

And their butts.  Their beautiful beautiful butts.

But it is not only because of their posterior pulchritude that I like Green Lanterns.  They are just so...so fabulous!  They come in so many sizes and shapes, and colors, and configurations!  Some of them are things like a mathematical equation, or a microbe, or a giant cube, or with tentacles, and fins, and other cool things.  All it takes to be a Green Lantern is that you are brave, and capable of overcoming great fear, and have loads and loads of Will Power.  And that is something that practically anyone can aspire to.

Still and all, it is a fairly elite club.  You can be brave and noble and all of that, but if you can't harness all that lovely Will Power, you aren't chosen.  So there.  Which is frankly, one of the things that thrills me, when it comes to Hal, Guy, John and Kyle.  As lunatic, as foolhardy, as repressed, or as naive as they can be...they can still do something that Batman can't do.  Or Superman, or Flash, or Aquaman or Wonderwoman, or Green Arrow, or the Atom, or Captain Shinypants, etc. etc. etc.  They can harness their imaginations and will through a shiny little green alien ring.

And I hope that is something that the new writers aren't going to forget.

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Oh Guy.  You do have such a way with words.


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