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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

It was...an ok week.  I'm still waiting for Green Lantern to come out.  And waiting.  Maybe next week. 

Batgirl #20

I...I just can't get into this anymore.  I love Gail Simone, and I am very fond of Barbara...but I think I am going to be dropping this book again.  Having Oracle...I mean BATGIRL, waffling, and whining and taking out her brother, and obsessing and whining some more...it's gotten a bit dull.  Too much angst.  Not enough humor.  Not enough BRAINS!  And I don't mean the zombie kind. 

Also I don't really like this new Ventriloquist  much at all. 


Batwoman #20

This was much more to my liking.  Kate is playing hardball with the D.E.O. This is ok, because they are certainly playing hardball with her.  They managed to fish her sister out of the drink, and stuck her in a giant mystic sarcophagus which brought her back to life or something, and they will give her back, if Kate betrays Batman.  So...she goes for it, and goes home to Maggie, only to find that her entire family is there.  She has a hissy fit, Maggie tells her to get a grip, and they all know everything now, which is a good thing. 

I wonder if Batman would like the giant mystic sarcophagus for Damian? 

Pretty darned good.

Birds of Prey #20

Well, it turns out that Starling was the traitor, which probably isn't as surprising as it could be, since Canary DID find her working for the Penguin.  She's also into monologuing.  She and Freeze are mad at the Court of Owls, for using Freeze's technology on the Talons.  Dinah is cranky, because she liked Starling.  Barbara is much less angsty in this book than in her own. 

So it was pretty decent all things considered.


Nooooooooooooooo!!  Not Bigby!  Snow White takes on her semi-ex, in a duel to the death, and by gum, she does it...but not before he shatters Bigy's crystalline form.  Fortunately, Snow White had the witches on her side, and they are trying to get him back together.  They damned better!

I love Bigby.

Oh, and Therese shows up at the end, which is where her story ended a while back, and we are all connected up again.


I fear that this book is not going to be around too long.  My beloved Comic Book store owner, said that I am one of exactly two people who are buying this.  I would assume that Scipio is the other one.  And that is sad, because it really isn't a terrible book or anything...even though it doesn't have him break dance ONCE!

But he comes across Gypsy, and ends up helping her of course, and naturally Amanda Waller is going nuts, and it turns out that Dale Gunn is married to a very nice man, but is trying to hide it, in order to protect him.  This probably won't end well, knowing DC.

Not bad at all.

Wonder Woman #20

Apollo really does seem to be in over his head.  Poseidon shows up to mock his nephew a bit, and Artemis has shown up to kill the baby.  Diana really doesn't seem to like Artemis very much, and who can blame her?  Ares takes Artemis back to Apollo after Diana beats her to a pulp, while Zora, and Hera and the baby run for it.

Orion doesn't show up at all, which I found to be disappointing.

It's still not THE Wonder Woman, but I'm still enjoying the heck out of it.


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