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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #20

It seems as though it has been forever since this book came out, but I didn't want to give away any details, until after Green Lantern #20 came out...which it finally has.

GLC takes place after that rather epic conclusion to Geoff John's tale of the Green Lanterns, and it is also the farewell issue for Peter Tomasi and  Fernando Pasarin, which naturally makes me very sad.  I LOVE Peter Tomasi, and I have come to appreciate Pasarin's artwork.  It was such a change from Pat Gleason's but he has poured his heart and his hands into drawing Guy and Company, and I going to miss them terribly.

So.. you remember how the Guardians discovered that Salaak was trying to spy on them, in order to guess their nefarious plans?  Well, they found out, and basically entombed him alive, which was a rather nasty thing for them to do.  As we begin this issue, Kilowog and Guy have found him, and are opening his crypt/prison...and good gosharootie, is Salaak ever happy to see them!  My favorite surly Slyggian actually gives a giant four-armed bear hug to both Kilowog and Guy, which just fills my heart with love. 


They fill him in on what happened with the Guardians, and I have to say that he doesn't seem too broken up about it.  Being locked away in a metal coffin will do that for a person. 

Meanwhile, John and Yrra have escorted Mogo back to his sector, which was nice of them.  I can't say how happy I am that Mogo is back and doing his/her Mogo thing for the Corps.  John and Yrra also decide that now is the time to let bygones be bygones...and make sweet sweet alien love...right on Mogo...who handles it with a certain amount of aplomb.

Back on Oa, Salaak is filling Guy in on what the Guardians were up to, prior to their late unlamented demise.  This is when Guy realizes that they set him up with his old nemesis Xar, and he's not happy about it.  Not happy at all.   So, while Salaak tries to pinpoint where Xar has disappeared to, Guy decides that he needs a little boost to his Ring, and goes and literally grabs St. Walker right in the middle of an inspirational speech.  St. Walker takes his kidnapping with a degree of composure, as he amps up Guy's powers, and Guy discovers that Xar is on Earth, about to make mincemeat out of his family.  Xar is not a nice fellow at all.

Fortunately, he is also a real jerk, and is having some fun taunting Guy's family before he actually kills them, which gives Guy the time to arrive, full of piss and vinegar and an excess of Green Lanterny ring power.  And Xar is nothing more than a stain on the wall...literally.

So, after saving the day, Guy decides he needs a little bit of down time...maybe a couple of months or more, to relax, and appreciate what he almost lost.  They all go camping, and shopping, and to the Dentist, and to Motor Vehicle, and even to the movies, where he politely asks some dillweed to shut off his phone, and then handles the problem to the great delight of the other movie goers.  My only question, is who is his date?  She has short fair hair, and I thought perhaps it should be Tora, but her hair is colored blonde, and she actually looks a bit like Arisia!  I don't know if it was a coloring mistake and it is supposed to be Tora, or if she is just some random unknown person.

Things like this bug me.  Because I'm obsessive, I guess. 

Anyway, he lasts all of ten days before he gets the urge to head back into space, and flies off in a blaze of glory.

This was...nice.

It wrapped up a few more loose ends, it puts things right, and it has Guy back in the Corps, doing what Guy does.

My only concern is that the new writer is going to shove him into the Red Lantern Corps, which is NOT where I particularly want him to be.  We have already HAD that story, and it came to a satisfying conclusion, I don't really see the need to rehash the whole Red thing again.  Hopefully it will only be for a few issues.  But still, it is a nice ending to a long and fabulous ride.


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