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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Green Lantern #15

In all of the recent excitement, it has finally dawned on me, that I completely forgot to share with you my scintillating thoughts about the most recent Green Lantern issue.  I read it, and I enjoyed it, and then...well Christmas and all that jazz, you know.

Let me start out by saying that the cover gets things off on the right foot.  There is nothing quite like a really nice Green Lantern Butt on the cover to make me smile.  Granted, it is slightly obscured by the hands in handcuffs, but still...the thought is there. 

So...the Third Army is taking over things all over the Universe, and they are doing it in quite rapid fashion as more and more Lanterns are discovering to their dismay.  Back on Earth, Simon Baz, after making idiots of the Justice League, in rather spectacular fashion, decides to go and talk to the owner of the van full of explosives that he made the rather poor decision to steal, to try and find out who stole it from HIM.  This...turns out to be a really bad idea on Simon's part.

The Feds are still after Simon.  This is a surprise to no one.

Funny thing about that van.  Turns out that the owner WAS the guy who filled it with explosives, partly so that he could frame the Muslims.  And here comes poor old Simon blundering right into the middle of it.  Why, it's almost a Hal kind of stupidity!  Fortunately, Simon figures out how to block the bullets by going green again.  Too bad that his ring then cuts out.  Like that hasn't happened before!

Meanwhile, back in that cold dark dimension that Hal and Sinestro have found themselves transported to, whether it is Limbo, or whatever, it eventually dawns on our heroes that they are dead.  Deceased.  Taking the Dirt Nap.  Naturally, being who they are, they aren't taking this sort of thing lying down.  Oh, and a ragged person is trying to tell them all about this, and identifies himself or herself as a foe of Sinestro and a friend of Hal. 

Hmmmm...that actually would include quite a number of people. 

Back on Earth, Simon has been running all over the house trying to avoid being shot.  The Fed who actually sort've believes him, by incredible coincidence, just happens to show up, and before you can say Jack Robinson, he is being chased all over the house as well!  Gosh, that is one well armed crazy man!    They have something of a standoff going, when suddenly a whole crapload of Third Army Zombies busts into the house and manage to eat the Bad Guy.  And it serves him right!  The Fed and Simon are now fleeing for their lives, and Simon naturally still can't recharge his ring

Fortunately, they are saved by B'dg. 

I am not kidding, Salaak had sent him to Earth a little while back to look for Hal.  He's been blending in, and hanging out with the Earth Squirrels.  Seriously, this is my favorite part of the whole book. 

Finally, the Guardians are getting bored with the amount of time that it is taking for their zombification of the entire Universe, and decide to tap into the power of the First Lantern again, getting a little bit of taunting in for good measure, because hey, they're complete Dicks at this point.   This...will probably come back to bite them in their tiny blue asses, and frankly, I can't wait.  I'm getting tired of the Evil Guardians.

So...a fair amount happens, which is good, because I think that this whole storyline could use a boost.  I'm still not completely buying Simon Baz as a Lantern.  I find  him a little dull, to be perfectly honest.  He seems to be an amalgamation of the traits of all the other four Earth Lanterns.  He's a minority like John, but without John's righteousness or honor, since let's be truthful, he IS a car thief!  Granted he's not a terrorist, but still!  He's got anger issues and seems to be a bit impulsive like Guy, but without Guy's honor or basic sense of decency, and sense of humor.  He's a little dim like Hal.  He's a rookie the way that Kyle was.  Other than that, he seems a bit of a cipher.

And that ragged figure who is hanging out with Hal and Sinestro?  I am totally hoping that it is Katma Tui.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Lantern Kiaori said...

Oh! I really hope it is Katma! and if it is not, well...It might be the embodiment of all my hopes for Guy and Ice getting back together...

At 1:33 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh wouldn't it be nice if somehow this whole Hal as the greatest Black Lantern would result in all those really cool dead characters coming back?

I would absolutely worship Geoff Johns if that was the result.


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