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Saturday, December 08, 2012


Woohoo!  We got our furnace fixed yesturday!  Since I live in New England, this is a Very Big Thing.  It was also starting to get more than a little bit chilly.  Now of course, it almost seems odd not having to wear a sweater and a jacket and a quilt while watching television with the fire in the fireplace going. 

It's the simple things. 

And speaking of things that are both simple AND hot...


Yeah, I've been ignoring Kyle lately.  I just miss having he and Guy hanging out together in Green Lantern Corps.  While it is nice that he has his own book, he's been so isolated from the rest of the Lanterns, and he seems to have lost all of his...zest and charm.  Of course it is hard to be charming when you are learning to channel your inner rage, fear, love and all the rest of it. 

To be honest, I'm rather hoping that this whole Evil Guardians thing is going to be over soon.  I know that they always have to have a huge disaster looming on the horizon, but to be perfectly honest, I enjoy it when the boys and girls in Green are just out there saving worlds, and hanging out on Oa. 


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