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Monday, December 17, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #15

Well, here is a fine how-dee-doo.  Guy has been stripped of his rank and ring, due to the utterly evil machinations of the Guardians.  They whisked him back to Earth, and we open with him having a temper tantrum in his Dad's garage.  I can honestly say that I can't blame him in the least.  It's actually not completely a temper tantrum, so much as Guy expressing his despair and agony in the only way that he knows...by punching the wall.  The fact that this leads to bloody knuckles that aren't healing finally dawns on him, and he flings his gloves away in disgust, rips off his green vest, and puts on his helmet to go out and deliver some Justice...Gardner Style!

Meanwhile, Fatality has met up with John, who is pursuing a chunk of Mogo.  Apparently she is as well, it turns out that Mogo has Male and Female parts that are calling out to each other.  They have a nice talk, and decide to more or less let bygones be bygones, and concentrate on getting Mogo back together, since it seems as though some of the pieces can't re-unite.  Gee, I wonder who could have done THAT?

Back on Oa, The Guardians are watching a nice wide viewscreen of all the mayhem being wrought by the Third Army, when Ganthet notices a tiny tiny nano-camera planted by none other than Salaak,, and the jig is well and truly up.  Naturally, they confront him, and try to convince him that all that they are doing is for the Good of the Universe.  Salaak may be curmudgeonly, but he isn't stupid, and he points out that they have all lost their tiny collective minds.  I was pretty sure that they were going to rend him into tiny Salaak pieces, but instead they imprison him.

Back on Earth, Guy calls his brother, to see how they are doing, and then rushes off in search of Bad Guys and Mayhem.  He may not be a Lantern anymore, but that isn't going to stop him from deeds of Derring Do.  He figures is Batman can do it, then so can he.  He's smart enough to not let on that he doesn' t have his ring, beats some people up and discovers that there is going to be a huge sale of armaments to a suspected terrorist, so of course he rushes in and starts kicking some major major butt.  Too bad for him, that it all turns out to be an undercover police sting, and he has just mucked up a whole lot of work.  The mean Lieutenant who knew him from before, has his very own sister arrest him and haul his sorry but still beautiful ;butt off to jail.


They really are putting my Boy through the proverbial wringer!  And yet, I have to give props to Peter Tomasi,  because it may be the new DC 52 Universe, but he has stayed remarkably true to the original Guy in the Reborn mini-series, dating back to when he lost his ring to Hal, in the infamous duel in Green Lantern #25.  In that one, he wandered around in his uniform for a while, and did his best to try and fool people into thinking he still had a ring, and trying to bring in the Bad Guys.  Didn't work of course, but darned if he didn't try. 

So having him literally beat himself up, and then rush off to try and prove he is still a hero, is pretty much in character for Guy.  You knock him down, and he may hurt for a while, but he'll always manage to pick himself up again. 



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