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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well Poopy Pants!

All kinds of rather distressing news has been arriving this week!  Firstly, and most importantly, at least to me, is that Gail Simone has been summarily canned from Batgirl by DC.  They chose a rather tasteless way to do it as well.  Gail Simone has always struck me as an intelligent and classy sort of Lady, and that's just a crappy thing to do.

It wasn't as though the book wasn't selling well either.  The old "Artistic Differences" I suppose, but she IS one of their best writers, and certainly has the following to prove it.  I still desperately miss her on Secret Six, which may just have been one of the Best Books Ever, not to mention Birds of Prey, The Atom, and so many many more. 

DC, you know that I love your books, but sometimes...I really do get tired of handing you my money and having you kick me in the teeth as a  thank you. 

Dave Brubeck and Ravi Shankar died, which was depressing.  Yes, I'm old.  I HAVE the Bangladesh album

And finally, Kevin Youkilis is going to be playing for...for...the Yankees.  Not my beloved Greek God of Walks!  Oh Red Sox, what have you wrought? 

It's a good thing that the new books are coming out today. 


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