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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Yes, it is the day after Wednesday, we've all read our books, and are basking in the lovely afterglow.  At least I hope that we are.  This was a pretty decent week, although heavy on Bat-Stuff.

Batgirl #15

And the whole "Death of the Family" storyline continues.  When last we caught up with Barbara, she had discovered that the Joker had kidnapped her mother, and was holding her hostage in a roller skating rink.  Man, I haven't been to a roller skating rink in years.  And oddly enough, he wants to MARRY her.  Oh, that Joker.  What a guy. 

Of course in order to sweeten the pot a bit, he has her mom sitting on top of a bomb, and the unfortunate denizens of the skating rink have all been exposed to that nasty little Joker toxin, and there are snipers, and her brother was the one who gave her up to the Joker, although he seems to be having some sort of end game of his own, and they all end up at the Chapel! 

I don't imagine there will be too many more Batgirl books by Gail Simone, so I'm enjoying this while I can. 

Batman #15

Man, this is as scary as all get out.  For one thing, I have to say that the art by Greg Capullo is awfully awfully gorgeous.  He draws on helluva pretty Bruce.  The poop has more or less hit the fan, Bruce wakes up a couple of times, since he has been exposed to the Joker toxin, although the second time seems to be more or less reality, and all of the rest of the various Bat-people aren't too happy to learn that their true identies may have been compromised.  Bruce swears up and down that the Joker is just messing with their heads, but who the heck knows? 

Gosharootie, this is great stuff.

Batman & Robin #15

Oh Damian.  Bruce has told junior to stay in the Batcave and watch the monitors, but of course, he's just trying to keep him safe.  Damian talks to the Bat Hound, and off he goes to the Zoo to check out the hyenas, which is smart of him, but also dumb of him, since he's rather easily snapped up by the Joker.  The Joker feels as though all of the various Bat-people are just weights around Batman's neck, and that in order to be the Best that He Can Be, he needs to get rid of them.   The Joker isn't wrapped too tightly, which I'm sure we have all realized is the point. 

This is also great stuff, Tomasi and Gleason always deliver.

Demon Knights #15

I do enjoy the heck out of this book.  The evil Queen is attacking Avalon, Lucifer and his hordes are attacking Avalon, the Demon Knights are stuck in the middle, hauling around Merlin's carcase, and Etrigan is on the loose.  Gosh what fun!  Turns out that if the bad guys invade Avalon, they start to lose their powers, which was certainly a surprise to all of them.  Jason Blood and Etrigan were separated, but naturally, that doens't last too long, and Merlin is back, and younger than ever.  

Also pretty fabulous stuff.

Green Lantern Corps #15



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Gaaaahhh!! indeed -_-

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I know! Oh, my poor poor Guy.


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