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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teensy Weensy Reviews

Egad, but that was a small week!  I suppose I shouldn't complain, I can remember the year that there was only ONE comic between Christmas and New Year's!  This year, I got TWO!

Aquaman #15

And so it begins...the latest crossover, with the Justice League, called the "Throne of Atlantis".  In this new DC Universe, Arthur was King for a while, but didn't really want to be, and so gave the throne back to his brother, Ocean Master, who also in this incarnation seems to be a nice enough guy.

Except that for some reason, the missiles are altered on an Aircraft Carrier, and they end up blowing up or at least seriously seriously damaging Atlantis.  Obviously, the people on the surface are completely oblivious, but the Atlanteans are just a bit pissed.  And can you blame them?  So, they put their defenses in order, and start attacking various cities on the land, beginning with New York, Metropolis and Gotham City. 

I honestly didn't know that Gotham City had a harbor.  Although actually now that I come to think of it, I guess it does.  Batman is annoyed.  Arthur is annoyed.  The Atlanteans are REALLY annoyed!  Oh, and they let those nasty creatures out that were in the first arc.

Justice League #15

Meanwhile, the poo has hit the fan over in the Justice League, since the Aircraft Carrier has disappeared, and they don't know why the missiles malfunctioned, and oh, surface cities are getting swamped.  And Clark shows Diana how to wear a pair of glasses, so that they can go out on a date in public and not be mobbed.  She is highly skeptical at first, but later seems to be warming up to it. 

Then the tidal wave hits.  Naturally, the two of them spring into action, with Superman just happening to rescue Lois, or rescue the guy who actually rescued Lois, who turns out to be Vulko, who is Arthur's old buddy and pal.

Arthur is trying to explain what happened to the Justice League, but in typical Marvel fashion...oops...NEW DC fashion, they don't want to listen, they just want to start hitting things.  So his talk with his brother Orm doesn't go particularly well.   Oh, and those plans to defend themselves against the surface world?  Turns out that Arthur was the one who wrote them.  Just channeling his inner Batman, probably.

There is also the back page story with Captain Marvel...oops...Shazam, who is still running around with Freddie, and stuffing themselves with junk food.  He also has a knack to stumbling upon crimes, and profits therein.  Freddy however, is getting fed up with his new adult attitude. 

Seriously this version of Billy is pretty insufferable.  I do love the art by Gary Franks however.  And Black Adam decides to show up at the very end.

These were actually not bad books, the art is pretty, and the new plot sounds reasonably interesting.  I feel a bit more sympathetic towards Atlantis, since they were the ones who were fired upon.  Obviously someone is Up To No Good.  After a whole lot of fighting, I assume they will find out who that Someone will turn out to be.  I just don't want it to take 12 issues to do it. 


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