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Friday, August 10, 2012


Now that I have stopped having hissy fits, I can proceed to writing my reviews.  I am doing this for the SECOND time, because I made an error the first time, and in my own incompetence, managed to delete the COMPLETED version!



Batgirl #12

I haven't been loving this book very much, which does surprise me, since I do love Gail Simones, but this wasn't a bad issue.  It was nice to see Batwoman anyway.  There is a fair amount of double-dealing, treachery and skullduggery, but that seems fairly normal for Gotham.

Not bad.

Batman #12

Now this was pretty fabulous.  Scott Snyder stepped away from all of the Owl stuff, and focused on a new character, young Miss Harper and her brother Cullen, who live in Gotham and have had to undergo a lot of problems in their young lives.  She's not much impressed by Bruce Waynes' efforts at urban renewal, but they wind up being saved by Batman....and she's just smitten.  Since she works for the City, on maintaining the old and rickety electrical infrastructure, she manages to discover that Batman has his own system, that steals power from Wayne Enterprises, and in effect helps bolster the shoddy old Gotham system.

Harper repairs one of his boxes, and in trying to help, manages to get in some trouble, but it's all worth it, and it is a rather sweet story...at least for a Bat Book.


Batman & Robin #12

Oh be still my heart.  The finale of the battle with Terminus ensues, and all sorts of mayhem is going on.  Terminus is defeated, but so is Damian, when in swoop all of the rest of the Robins, to help out the Bat, and It Is On!  Terminus is dying but gloats that he still wins, because there is a bomb.  Obviously, he doesn't realize that for Batman, this is a piece of cake.  Bats saves the day naturally, and Damian takes great pleasure in taunting a dying Terminus.  And Nightwing casually tosses one of his escrima sticks over to Damian, saying he doesn't have to fight him for a trophy, and maybe to lighten up just a little.  It was a lovely moment, I really do miss having Damian be Dick's Robin. 

And there was this.

So...so fabulous.

Batwing #12

Sheesh, there are a lot of Bat books out this week!  Of course, you can say that about just about any week.

I only bought this because the JLI was on the cover, and they do a bang up job of helping Batwing fight Lord Battle and his thugs in the African nation of Tundi.  They are in this predicament, because apparently the Penguin has sold Lord Battle a nuke, and that's probably not a very good thing for him to have. 

They are getting their collective asses handed to them, when it eventually dawns on them that Lord Battle is a bit like Antaeus, and once they separate him from the land of Tundi, he loses power and everything starts to
wither.  Lord Battle decides he actually loves his country and comes back to save it, and sit in a cell and be good.  Naturally there is another bad guy ready to take advantage.

It has nice art, and I greatly enjoyed seeing Guy and Booster  fighting stuff.


Demon Knights #12

So, they are all in Camelot or a reasonable facsimile thereof, and it turns out that Morgaine Le Fey is behind it all.  Well...duh.  Morgaine Le Fey is ALWAYS behind it when it comes to Camelot stuff.  They all get captured, and escape and defeat her, but in the melee, the entrance to Avalon is destroyed, which for some
reason REALLY pisses Etrigan off.  And his true colors finally appear.

I do love this book.

Fairest #6

Wow!  Lumi is fighting Hadeon,  the bad fairy who was behind all the problems with Sleeping Beauty.  Lumi calls in the Good Fairies, which is a clever idea, except that they can't touch her, due to some inconvenient rules or something.  It looks as though Hadeon is going to win,when Briar Rose shows up and beats the crap out of her, for some rather unconventional reasons, and there...there is a Happy Ending!  The little genii is free, Ali Baba and Lumi are making goo goo eyes at each other, and Briar Rose ends up with some bitchin' wheels.

Very nice.

Resurrection Man# 12

Well, Mitch is fighting for his life, after being taken captive, and keeps hallucinating that the Justice League is killing him.  And you won't guess who is actually behind it all!  I honestly did not see that coming!

I'm going to msis this book something fierce.

The Mighty Thor #18

This is the prologue for "Everything Burns".  Things are already burning, as there are fires that even Thor can't put out, which makes him very cranky.   Freyja is having  bad dreams about her father and Odin, and Loki is confused by the death of the magpies, and other odd happenings.  He does help with Thor's burns, although Thor is being quite the baby about it. 

The art is by Alan Davis, and the story is fun, although I'm slightly confused because I thought that Odin was married to Frigga, not Freyja.  Oh well.


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