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Saturday, August 04, 2012


Great Googally Moogally it's hot.  And muggy.  Muggy and hot.  God, I hate summer. 

Whenever I mention that Summer is perhaps my LEAST favorite season, people gape at me in shock, and start muttering that Summer is great, because that's when the tomatoes are ripe!

Here is another shocking admission.  I don't like fresh tomatoes either.  I love them cooked.  I like tomato sauce, tomato paste, sphagetti, all kinds of cooked tomatoes...but I absolutely and totally loathe them...fresh.

I don't quite know why.  They look so pretty.  So juicy, so round, so firm...so completely awful.  So I pick them out of my salads, my tacos, off of my sandwiches and hamburgers.  My Sweet Babboo, who LOVES tomatoes, is the happy beneficiary. 

I'm not quite sure where I am going this this...I was just going to comment that it was too hot to do much, when I got into a tangent on tomatoes.  And radishes.  I don't like radishes either.  But I do love lima beans.  And bleu cheese.  Although not necessarily together.


What we ALL love is gratuitous blows to the head.  And since Hal is presumably off nursing a headache somewhere, I thought that Batman could stand in for him today.

I know it makes ME smile.


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