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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Is It A Full Moon?

Sweet Merciful Crap!  The Crazy people are out today!  They are certainly on the roads, with people going straight when they should be turning, turning when they should be going straight, moving into my lane when I happen to be occupying it, and so on and so forth.

I happen to work for a Tire Company, owned by two brothers that I like to call the Piranha Brothers Tire.  Doug, the older brother, is the actual boss, and he just lurked in his office today...as usual.  Dinsdale on the other hand was wound up a bit.  As in insanely.  Either he needed up UP his meds, or Lower them.  He began by picking fights with everyone within reach, drinking Red Bull by the case,  paging people to call him immediately, and then never getting off of the phone, picking MORE fights, and finally, this afternoon, exhausted, he sat and stared at his computer, while playing Disco Videos.  Loudly. 


I hate Disco.  With a passion. 

So, while I would ordinarily be entertaining you all with my scintillating reviews of Wednesday's Comics, I will instead be contemplating drinking.  Heavily.  And maybe getting out my Ambush Bug or something, because Lord knows, I need something to laugh at. 


Oh God.

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