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Monday, August 13, 2012

No More Olympics

Dang.  My Sweet Babboo is going to miss the Women's Beach Volleyball something fierce, I can tell you that.  Personally, I was enjoying the Men's Diving.  Some of those boys would have been qualified to be Green Lanterns!


Where was I? 

Although I greatly enjoyed Tom Brokaw's Salute To Britain During The Second World War, I was a History major, and probably most people wondered why NBC wasn't showing...oh I don't know...the Closing Ceremonies.  Then they DID start showing the Closing Ceremonies, except they stopped for a while to show some sit-com, and then the news, and didn't show The Who until ungodly late, at which time I had already fallen asleep. 

However I understand that Eric Idle was quite the hit. 

So, congratulations to London for throwing one amazing party.  I don't really think that Brazil will be able to top the Queen parachuting from a helicopter. 


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