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Friday, August 17, 2012

Green Lantern #12

Well, dip me in honey, this is a sweet sweet issue.  My only caveat, is that instead of the incomparable Doug Mahnke, we have the art by Renato Guedes.  He's...ok.  But it's not quite the same.

When last we met our intrepid duo, they had managed to lose Black Hand, who rather cleverly, decided to commit suicide, and next thing you know, he's a Black Lantern again.  In fact he is THE Black Lantern, as Nekron seems to be nowhere to be found.  He's dug up his family, and is having a nice chinese dinner with them, as he leafs through the Book of the Black, which very nicely, decides to transport Sinestro and Hal right to his doorstep. 

Black Hand is therefore, just a tad disconcerted, when all of the pages of the Book, spell out that..."Hal Jordan Is Not Your Enemy".  This is news to Black Hand.  It is also news to Hal and Sinestro.  Hal gets tired of Black Hand's antics and fries all of the synapses in his brain which knocks him out for a few minutes at least, as they try to take stock of what is going on.  They also remember how they took out the Black Lanterns the last time, and try to get a hold of Carol and her handy dandy pink ring, but she's not on the line.

Meanwhile, the Guardians are busy plotting.  Oh they are just so incredibly nasty, those little blue Meanies.  They admit that it took all of the colored Corps to take out the Black Lanterns, but as usual, it is always "What have you done for me LATELY" with this bunch, and they are bound and determined to do away with the various Corps...mainly because they can't be controlled.  And that includes their OWN Green Lantern Corps.  Truly, the Guardians have lost their tiny minds. 

What is really stunning, is that they are laying out their whole nefarious plan of attack.  They foolishly decide that Hal doesn't have a ring, so he's no threat.  Haw!  Little do they know!  They are gloating that Sinestro actually thinks he was chosen by the Green Ring, while they were the ones to managed that little trick, to confuse him.  They think that John is wracked with guilt over the death of Mogo, so they'll use that.  They have promoted Guy into thinking that he's just the Bee's Knees in the Corp, and when they pull the proverbial chair out from under him, his crash will be that much more dramatic.  They really don't know Guy very well either.  And finally, they figure that Kyle, their own formerly beloved Torchbearer, will be coming to rescue Ganthet.  Ganthet is sneering that he'll take care of Kyle himself.  Oh,and they don't like the Indigos either. 

They're going to replace EVERYBODY with their precious Third Army.  I hope that the Guardians really do get their comeuppance.  They really are a bunch of nitwits.

Back on Earth, Hal and Sinestro are trying to fend off the newly risen dead people, while Black Hand has regained his senses and is still poring over the Book.  Which now has a new page. A page which really throws him for a loop  Sinestro decides that he can sacrifice his yellow lantern.  Hal thinks this means that he's committing wholeheartedly to the Green, but Sinestro just sneers that he can always forge another one.
I love Sinestro.  And kaboom...they do it, the yellow and the green, destroys Black Hand's horde.

But it also knocks out Hal and Sinestro.  So they don't see what is written in the Book of the Black.

That Hal Jordan, will be the Greatest Black Lantern.


The plot is thickening quite nicely now.


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