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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Oh my goodness, what a lovely lovely week!  So much Green Lanterny fabulousness!  And the rest of it wasn't too bad either.

Batwoman #12

Man, has it been a year already?  This book continues to thrill the visual senses.  Kate is still looking for the missing kids, as are the Gotham Police, although they aren't having any luck. The cops that is, Kate has been through all kinds of stuff, and she's not giving up.  Although her relationship with Maggie isn't doing too well. 

But that scene with Bloody Mary was a tad chilling.  It's nice she had a werewolf around to help.  In the meantime, Wonder Woman is having an adventure of her own, that is paralleling Kates.  They don't actually meet up until the end of the issue, but egad, it is going to be...well...probably pretty wonderful.

Birds of Prey#12

Poison Ivy has infected the rest of the birds with a deadly virus and is using that to blackmail them into helping her put an end to polluters and such.  At least that's the theory.  Canary has agreed provided they don't actually hurt anyone, but with Poison Ivy around, you know that promise is going to get broken.  Ivy is out of control, the Birds are chafing, and some very bad things happen.

This was ok.  I think that it is actually moving a little slowly lately.

Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps #12

Oh  My God.

Shade #11

I have just been enjoying the piss out of this book.  I don't even see why it should be a mini-series, I would buy this on a monthly basis in a heartbeat. 

The faux Egyptian Gods/Aliens that the Shade incidentally freed last issue are on the rampage in London, which actually disturbs Dickie's sensibilities.  I get the impression that if they were rampaging through Atlanta or something, he wouldn't have really cared.  But his past dalliances with villainy aside, he does care about London, and he's been through a lot lately, and learned all kinds of very interesting things, and so he figures out a way to send them on their way. 

Oh, and he pays a final visit to his loathsome descendant Dudley.  Too bad for Dudley.


Wonder Woman #12

I can't help but love this book.  It's not the REAL Wonder Woman, but gosh darn it, nothing in this current DC Universe actually IS real, and the art is so gorgeous, and the story is so off-the-wall and compelling that I am enjoying the heck out of it.

Apollo actually does ascend Zeus's throne, much to the surprise of Hera, who thought she had the perfect double-cross going on.  Zola has her baby, Diana kicks Artemis's butt, much to her surprise, Hera is ALSO very very surprised, and Hermes...well, Hermes is up to something.

Also fabulous.

Saga #5 and #6

Great Goggally Moogally!  I love this book! 

Marko finally does draw his sword, and boy howdy, that is one boy that you don't want to get mad!    The Will rescued a little girl from slavery, at least he thought he did, and the spider bounty hunter also gets a surprise, and then Marko and Alana and Hazel and their ghostly nanny make it to the grove of ships, and...well, you really should go out and find this and read it!

Insanely fabulous.

I had a REALLY good time this week!

And more about the Green Lanterns, because all KINDS of stuff is being set up here.


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