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Friday, August 24, 2012

Actual Reviews

I was feeling so sorry for myself yesterday, that I completely forgot to give you my scintillating reviews.  Onward then!

All-Star Western #12

Well, you knew pretty much in advance that Tallulah was going to bust out and save Jonah and Arkam's sorry tied-up butts.  But she did it in such a spectacular fashion!  Then Jonah teams up with Wayne,  and they go after the Crime Bible gang.  There are shootings, stabbings and beheadings.  All good clean western fun!  Plus Jonah and Tallulah keep making out in front of Arkham, which I find hilarious.

The backup story with Dr. Terrence Thirteen is also fun.

Fables #120

Man, this is getting a wee bit depressing.  Dare is stuck in Evil Toyland, trying to save Therese, who seems to be going bonkers.  He's heroic...she is...not. 

The Flash #12

Gosh, the art is so pretty in this.  Flash is trying to deal with the treachery of Dr. Elias, who has taken credit for Flash's good works, while blaming him for everything that went bad.  And speaking of treachery,  Captain Cold's sister is busting out the Rogues...except for Cold himself, and she does it in a rather amazing fashion.  I'm not quite sure that the Rogues really appreciate being busted out so magnificently, since they get a bit snarky about it, and Flash gets set up for the fall himself, but Cold DOESN'T die, and it is all just so very very pretty.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #12

Oh Sayd.  As the last not crazy Guardian, even you did some really terrible things.  It has been revealed that Sayd was the one who gathered all the various rings, in order to give them to Kyle, who apparently is the ONLY Lantern who is capable of using ALL of the rings...a feat that even the Guardians can't manage.  So a couple of people died...you have to break the eggs to make an omelet...right?  At least that is Sayd's take on things.  The others however are not quite so sure, especially poor St. Walker, who is simply appalled.

It turns out that when the Guardians zapped Ganthet, his conciousness cried out to Sayd, and she experienced the death of his soul...or so she says.  Her love for Ganthet lead her to go after Kyle and his handy dandy bunch of companions.  They DO end up saving Larfleeze, but the Weaponer manages to run off with the Orrery, and the rest of the Corps all get disgusted and fly off. 

Leaving Kyle stuck with Sayd.  Oh, this is going to be interesting. 

I still don't like the art all that much, but I do have to say that the storyline seems to be picking up a bit.

Justice League Dark#12

Well, who would have thought that Dr. Mist was the traitor?  He actually believes that Faust will restore his beloved wife?  What a putz!  The rest of the group keeps stumbling into traps set by Faust, Mist and one rather ambiguous figure, while Timothy Hunter reveals to Xanadu that he had it with Magic, and simply got rid of it all.  Which was probaby the smartest thing that he could have done.

I love the art in this, and I'm enjoying the story and the characters.

So...a small week, but not a bad week at all.


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Alan Hinton said...

Besides the GL books, which of the "new 52" series do you like the best? I read your blog every day and love it.


At 7:46 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Given the choice, would you rather they kept Jonah working with Arkham in the big cities, or send him back out West?

You're obviously enjoying this, and I know you liked Jonah's previous series as well, so I was curious if you had a strong preference.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Alan, thank you so much, and welcome. In addition to the Green Lantern books, I've been enjoying Scott Snyder's Batman,which actually amazes me, since I'm not much of a Batfan. I also like Morrison's Action Comics, and although I love the OLD Wonder Woman, the NEW Wonder Woman has been a heckuva lot of fun. Aquaman is good, Fables is good, Justice League International is (sob) good, as is Justice League Dark, and Demon Knights is a hoot. Swamp Thing is good and the Shade Mini-series has been phenomenal. There are others that I read, but these have been my favorites thus far. Oh, and Batman and Robin, because I love Pat Gleason.

Calvin, I DO love Jonah Hex...which I should have included in the previous answer...but as much as I have enjoyed him bedeviling poor Doctor Arkham, I do like him out west the best. Still...it has been a very interesting interlude.


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