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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

What a nice week!  Not TOO too much, but still...very nice.

Batwoman #10

Pretty...oh so pretty.   Flashbacks, revelations, and skullduggery.  Lots and lots of skullduggery.

Birds of Prey#10

Well, the Birds are on a helicopter, taking Poison Ivy to a nice tropical retreat, and getting hit on by their slightly smarmy pilot, who has his OWN agenda, and they get blowed up!  Which for this bunch, is pretty much par for the course.  Also, Batman was rude to them. 

Between burning up the pilots illicit cargo, and being attacked by giant plant things, the Birds are having one heckuva day.

Fables #118

And the plot continues to thicken.  I KNEW those Toys weren't quite as cute and fluffy as they tried to appear!  Poor Therese is in a dilly of a pickle, and Dare discovers that he can't fly either.  Too bad about the Tiger...I loved that Tiger.  And Bigby goes and asks for some help looking for his cubs in his own particular fashion.

Green Lantern Corps #10


Wonder Woman #10

Egad!  You know, if you just throw out everything that you know about the regular Wonder Woman, and pretend that this is an entirely new character...it's pretty darned fabulous. 

Hades has put a noose consisting of Diana's own lariat around her neck, asking her if she loves him.  And she does.  For REAL!  But that doesn't mean that she's going to marry him, and except for Hermes, who is stuck babysitting, the rest of her posse shows up.  You have to feel just a little bit sorry for Hades here.  It's most exciting, the art is beautiful and there is one heck of a twist at the end.

Journey Into Mystery #640

I can't even begin to convey how much I am loving this book.  Why can't they ALL be this good?  An interesting plot, excellent art and hilarious dialogue.  Everything that I want from a Comic, including wonderful characters. 

Loki and Leah are supposed to be helping Capt. Britain and the rest of the British pantheon against the "Tyrant Gods of Modernity".  They wreak a little mayhem, and do a little espionage, and it suddenly occurs to Loki that maybe he's actually on the wrong side.

God, I LOVE this book!


At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Verily, kid Loki doth rock, as do all who createth for him.

-- Jack of Spades

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