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Friday, June 08, 2012

Slightly Late Reviews

I'm still operating on my Avengers Movie Viewing High, but decided that it is high time I did my weekly reviews.  Not that anyone really cares, but it makes me feel better.

Action Comics #10

Gosh, I loved this to death.  It was so nice to have Rags Morales back, and Clark...er...Superman even showed up in the jeans and T-shirt for a little while.

While Superman is doing his thing, a dastardly hunter has been hunting clues, and thinks that he knows who Superman really is...and he plans on having the hunt of a lifetime.  Silly fellow.  Superman in the meantime is hunting down a particularly nasty villain,  whom he apprehends, natch...but then ends up with his perfectly adorable pair of hamsters...that nobody on the Watchtower seems to want.  Superman also thinks that perhaps they should be doing MORE with their combined Justice League powers, but the others are reluctant to be throwing their collective weight around, and probably for good reason. 

Back on earth, Clark, due to his brilliant expose of  Glenmorgan, is being recruited by none other than Perry White.  Lois is starting a scrap book, and Jimmie is impressed with Lana's picture from Clark's prom.  A gentleman decides to blow himself up to everyone's consternation, and our trio is in the path of the destruction.

The Hunter shows up at Clark's digs, and spins his landlady a cock and bull story about being an old buddy from Smallville, when he is astounded to learn that Clark Kent has been killed in the explosion.  Needless to say...he is just dumbfounded.  He's even less happy when Superman shows up and shows him whats for.  Then everyone gets together in the conference room to talk about how great Clark was and how they are all going to miss him.

Wow!  I can hardly wait to see where Grant Morrison is going to be taking this storyline.

Before Watchmen #1

Oh Darwyn Cooke, I can never be upset with you.  I know that there is a lot of angst out there right now about the whole premise of Before Watchmen, but I can't say that I feel it all that much.  I didn't read Watchmen when it first came out, and in fact didn't read it until QUITE a few years later...so it has always just been a very good story to me...not the End All and Be All of Comicbookdom.   So I'm perfectly happy to pick some of these books up.  And darn it...this was really very good. 

The art is spectacular of course.  It is mostly in flashback, and gives us some of the history of the various characters, and what their motivations were.  It's well written, it is beautifully drawn, and it is an interesting story.  I couldn't ask for more.

Fairest #4

The plot continues to thicken.  Apparently Lumi the Snow Queen isn't quite as nasty as she appeared to be all those years that she was hanging out with Gepetto.  She was drugged!  She is also continuing to be enteretained by our adorable little Genii, who continues to spin her tales of Sleeping Beauty and other stuff. 

Too bad that he kept mentioning the Bad Fairy,who gets wind of her name, and decides to show up.

Very nice.

Justice League International.

So...apparently the whole cliffhanger at the Eiffel Tower was actually covered in the last issue of Firestorm, and I didn't buy it, so now I shall have to, so that I know what happens!  Nevertheless, our doughty group of heroes and one heroine, fly back to the States, courtesy of Guy's ring-generated ship, and try to catch their breath.  Guy goes to visit Tora.  Other people visit other victims.  Bea is in a coma.  Batwing is actually brothers with one of the Bad Guys.  Booster and Godiva have a moment.  Omac sulks.

Then the Bad Guys show up and beat up the JLI. 

I simply adore these characters, but I have to admit this isn't the most scintillating issue ever.  Still, I'm going to be sorry when it ends, because where else will I be able to read about my favorites?  C'mon DC !  Throw me a bone!

Swamp Thuing #10

Man, this is good.  And beautifully drawn, and a cool and sinsiter and slighty scary story.  Anton Arcane is back!  And Abby has quite the history! 

Good good stuff.

Journey Into Mystery #639

God, I do love this book.  I like the Mighty Thor too, but not quite as much as the adventures of Kid Loki, who is fast becoming one of my favorite characters.

In this issue, Bad Things are happening in the pantheon of the British Isles, and they call all the other Pantheons for some help.  The All-Mothers would like to help, but are forbidden to, by the pact of non-interference or whatever...so if they want to help, it has to be under the radar.  So, naturally, they send in Loki and Leah.  Captain Britain is simply thrilled.

It's funny, and it's witty, and it's just fun, dammit!  Especially when they show up at Camelot, and Captain Britain rather dryly asks that they not make the usual jokes, which goes completely over Loki and Leah's heads, because they are too young to know who Monty Python is...although Loki says its because he's too hip.

I LOVE this book!

Not a bad week at all.


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Lantern Kiaori said...

Guy and REAL flowers made my entire week. He's one of the most active characters in the whole story so far: he's fighting everything, making ships, saving the Eiffel tower, constructs, constructs, constructs, and he's tired as hell. That's what I call a Honor Guard.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Yup. He's been a very busy boy.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Erich said...

Did you see "Red Lanterns" #10? While I've had mixed feelings about the series as a whole, this issue provides a great moment: The Midnighter vs. Dex-Starr. ("I've just punched a cat.")

At 12:20 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I call a foul! That cat should have mopped the floor with him!


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