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Friday, June 15, 2012

Green Lantern #10

Egad, but I enjoyed the heck out of this issue of Green Lantern. 

When last we left our adorable duo, the Indigo rings had been "turned off", and all of the former Indigo members stood there, steeped in their original villainy, and ready to open a large can of whup-ass on both Hal and Sinestro.  Also, Black Hand woke up and was immediately creeped out, flinging his ring far away and running off in a panic.

Sinestro, recovering from the effects of the Compassion ring, is still a little groggy, but Hal is bringing him up to date, including the fact that his ring is drained, and Hal's ring is running on empty.  Naturally, this doesn't bother Sinestro in the least, and he decides he'll hold them all off, while Hal goes in search of Natromo, the adorable little troll, who created the rings with Abin Sur in the first place. Natromo, hearing that Abin was dead, just gave up and destroyed the battery.  What a wuss! 

Naturally, Hal and Sinestro have to bicker over who is more baddass, and who needs who's help and all that stuff.  It's SO nice to see the boys getting along!  They do find Natromo, and after a bit of threatening by Sinestro, and a bit of cajoling by Hal, he agrees to help.  Sinestro plays Horatio at the Bridge, while Natromo and Hal go off to fix the battery.  Sinestro's ring is out of juice, so he just BEATS THEM UP WITH HIS FISTS!

Sinestro is totally and completely awesome.

Natromo isn't particularly hopeful, but Hal keeps giving him pep talks. Then who should show up but Iroque, aka Indigo One, the woman who killed Abin Sur's daughter...and she's...sorry.  There is a real spark of Compassion, so Natromo is able to reassemble the Indigo Battery.  So apparently the rings really...work!  It was Abin Sur and Natromo's big Plan, to use them on the Guardians, when the Guardians lost their tiny minds.  It remains to be seen, if it will work on the blue munchkins. 

ALL of the rings come back on-line, including the one that William Hand flung away, and now its chasing after him.  He's not feeling all that compassionate, and takes a flying leap off of a cliff, only to land rather messily on the rocks below.  The ring registers that he is deceased, and flies off.  The only other problem, is that the Indigo ring ALSO retakes  control over Sinestro, which isn't quite what Hal had in mind.  Hal asks Natromo to release Sinestro, but he can't, only the rest of the Tribe can.  Iroque asks Hal if he thinks that Sinestro is capable of becoming a Hero again.  Hal thinks for a minute, and says that he WANTS to believe it.  That sounds like Hope to me!  So they let Sinestro go. 

Finally, as Black Hand is lying on the rocks in the pelting rain, a little Black Ring pops up! 

Oh Crap!

Beautifully drawn by Doug Mahnke as usual.  Keith Champagne, whom I adore is one of the inkers.  This was a tight and action packed story, that moved the plot along nicely, and wound up the story of the Indigos.  I loved it.

And Hal and Sinestro are one heck of a pair.


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