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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reviews...No Hal

As hard as it is for me to tear myself away from ogling Hal AND his behind...nevertheless, it is Thursday and I always feel the need to babble about my comics. 

Batman Inc #2

This is mostly about Talia.  I really can't stand Talia, and I certainly don't think she's going to win any Mother-of-the-Year awards, but in her defense, Rah's is an even worse Father.  I rather feel for poor Damian.  Actually I'm a little bit worried about Batman, Talia seems to have given up on her whole "Beloved" thing.  She's mad as hell, and she's not going to take it anymore.

Pretty darned good, actually!

Aquaman #10

This was decent.  Pretty art of course.  I actually would prefer to be reading more about AQUAMAN instead of everybody else.  This seemed like a lot of filler, and it seemed to go awfully fast.  Still...I do like Aquaman.  Mera is getting pissy because Shin has told her that Aquaman has a whole past that he's never
told her about.  Well, tit for tat. 

I don't find Black Manta particularly any more sympathetic, although it would have been prudent on Arthur's part to make sure that the guy he was killing was the one he was SUPPOSED to be killing.  You don't see Superman having these sorts of problems!

Not Great...but not Bad.

The Flash #10

Barry is looking forward to being able to unload on his girlfriend, and let her know that he...Barry...is actually alive and well, and running around as the Flash.  But first he has to rescue her from the Weather Wizard, and the Weather Wizard's evil sister in law.  I have to say that I've always had a soft spot for the Weather Wizard, but I don't recognize him here.  He is a Crime Lord now?  And his brother was actually murdered by his brother's wife, and she did it because he was going to make a deal with the other Crime Families?  And Patty apparently wrote about it or something. 

There is some rather cool stuff, like Barry saving a village from a flood by running fast, and pulling the water in his wake.  The art is pretty..  The evil Sister in law confesses the murder to Mardon, and he tries to fry them both with lightning, but only somehow fries her.  Patty, Barry's girl whines a bit, so Barry decides NOT to tell her that he's actually alive and doing fine, for reasons that I don't fully understand.


Green Lanterns: New Guardians #10

I feel ambivalent about this.  More tomorrow.

Justice League #10

Well, that Graves guy shows up, having gained unholy powers, and he lost his family and blames the Justice League for it.  So he's been going around chatting up all of their worst enemies, and now he knows everything about them.  So does Batman and Cyborg.  Naturally Hal is astonished.  He would be.  He pops up on the Satellite, and makes some standard Bad Guy Mockery, and they all rush him, while he pulls their greatest  fears, or regrets or whatever, and they all go down like nine pins and get all shrivelly. 

Eh.  He frankly, seems like a bit of a lightweight to me, they should be mopping the floor with this guy. 

Meanwhile Billy Batson is still being antisocial, but in a simply magnificent bit, we see him feeding a hamburger...without pickles to a Tiger in the Zoo.  Tawkey Tawney!  I am filled with joy. 

Oh, and Sivana somehow decides that setting Black Adam free is a sensible thing to do. 

Justice League had its moments, so Ok.  Shazam was pretty Good !

Justice League Dark #10

Well, they have somehow acquired the Books of Magic, but Xanadu is still seeing dire visions of what will happen if Constantine gets a hold of them.  Naturally.  They all end up at the House of Mystery, which is actually rather cool, and they all get huffy and stomp off, leaving John alone with the Books.  NOT a smart move!

Naturally he tries to open the box, and it was boobytrapped by Faust, and now demons are coming to help Faust, much to Steve Trevor's dismay.  I liked this better than Justice League!

I also found the issue of Firestorm #9, which I haven't been reading, so I don't know what is going on, but it is the crossover with Justice League International, so that was nice.  Always fun seeing Van Sciver artwork, even if it is only on the cover.  But the interior art by Yildiray  Cinar is also very nice.  So there is that.

Not a bad week at all.  Not a great week, but those are fairly rare anyway.  And just to keep you in the mood, here's Hal..

 head shot

Getting hit in the head, AND showing off his incredible behind!

Oh Hal.


At 9:33 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Ok, actually a little Hal.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger notintheface said...

Apparently, other than Wonder Woman, all the Justice Leaguers shared a common greatest fear/regret of.....squiggly, indecipherable lines.


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