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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Little Halness

You know...it's been a while since I made mock of Hal.  And that's a shame, because making fun of Hal was one of the main reasons I even STARTED this whole blogging thing.  What with all that has been going on lately, with the whole DC 52 reboot, the stuff that Marvel has been doing, and just the general state of the world, it has been too easy to lose sight of the important things in life.

Such as the stupid things that Hal Jordan does on a daily basis.


A giant Banana Hal?  Really?

Oh Hal I've missed you.


At 5:11 PM, Anonymous lordofthewaters said...

Well ya know back then you could defeat Hal AND Alan with a number 2 pencil......

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Gary said...

Be fair, Sally - the poor bloke's dealing with multiple giant bananas, not just the one.

Bless him!

At 11:34 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Trouble comes in bunches!


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