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Thursday, May 24, 2012


And what a fine week it was, all things considered.  Not a clunker in the bunch.

All Star Western #9

Well, last issue, the Bad Guys were rowing the good Doctor and Jonah out to a ship in the port, so that they could blow it all up.  But Jonah breaks free, and a nice little donnybrook ensues, with Nighthawk and Cinnamon showing up.  It is actually a bit incidental, rounding up the Baddies, and such.  But then one of those pesky Owl types shows up.  Arkham is astonished by the dexterity of the female Owl, but Jonah mentions that he used to be a Chinese wife, and she did all kinds of cool stuff.  Mei Ling!  Man, I hated Mei Ling.  Arkham is simply astonished that someone would actually marry Jonah, and keeps wondering about it...til Jonah manages to dissuade him.

Meanwhile, Wayne wants to help people, and the rest of the Court wants to have different ideas, and Tallulah Black shows up, which is always nice.  Oh, and Nighthawk and Cinnamon are lovers, which is nice.

Good stuff as usual.

Aquaman #9

Well, Arthur is running around trying to figure out why Manta wants to kill everyone, one of his old buddies is trying to get away with some gauntlets, and Mera is pissed as can be, with Shin.  Not a whole lot of stuff went on, but gosh, the art is so pretty.  And also, Arthur apparently killed Black Manta's father, because he thought that Black Manta's father killed off HIS Father.


This was ok, but man, the art is just so pretty.

Batman Incorporated #1

Holy Pastafazoola Batman!  Grant Morrison is at it again.  And Chris Burnham,'s artwork is somehow between Frank Quietly and Pat Gleason.  Amazing!

We have Bruce and Damian are chasing Bad Guys in an abbatoir, Damian becomes a vegan, and Bat Cow makes a triumphant appearance.  Talia is up to no good, and there is a bounty of Damian.  That seems a bit of a mean sort of thing for ones own mother to do to her son, but hey...Talia and Ra's are strange strange people.

Damian still misses Dick, which was nice.  Bruce have some interesting bonding with Damian,and dang it...this was pretty damned fabulous.

And it has Bat Cow.

Fables #117

Therese is getting cranky.  She likes being Queen, but she's hungry and wants to go home, and her subjects want her to restore all the toys.  Then Dare and his Tiger show up, and are doing their best to rescue her.  Too bad about that whole "flying" thing.  Bigby is tracking them, but realizes that they aren't in their realms. 

Oh, and Buffkin makes it back, which is nice.  Lovely a usual.

Flash #9

Poor Barry, has landed in Gorilla City, and apparently is their messenger, but he can't remember a thing.  Plus Grodd is now the king and he wants to eat Barry and take over the world.  The old Silverbacks, don't particularly like Grodd, and they do their best to help Barry, who fortunately gets his memory back. 

I love the art, I love what Manapul is doing, this is darned good stuff.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #9

Well, we focus on the Blue Lanterns, with St. Walker showing up on Odym.  Too bad that the Reach has invaded Odym and all the Blue Beetles are trying to take over.  Some of the Blue Lanterns are actually losing hope, which of course means that they lose their powers. 

Fatality has realized that ALL of the various Lantern Corps are under attack.  Kyle is bewildered.  The Guardians are being monstrous.  It's actually not a bad story, but man, I really can't stand the art.

Journey Into Mystery #638

The saga of the Disir continues, with all the Asgardians still thinking that they are ordinary citizens, while the Disir have discovered that they can eat anyone or anything that they want.  Chaos, naturally ensues.  And Loki finally DOES come to, and realize who he is.  He manages to get Hela to realize who she is, and after that, everyone manages to go after the Disir. 

And then we find out exactly WHY the Disir are so messed up, and really, you do feel a bit sorry for them.  They were Bor's handmaidens, but were basically seduced by Sigurd and his merry band, thus violating their oaths of chastity to Bor.  They get caught, and Bor puts a curse on them, because Bor is not a nice God. 

But they can break the spell, either by killing Sigurd or by...marrying him. 


This is fabulous.


At 8:53 PM, Blogger AF said...

Hi Sally, this week was OK, in my opinion. I liked the New Guardians issue. The art wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yeah, I know that Manhke's lanterns are the best, but at least these ones weren't as bad as the ones on Green Lantern v5 #6. And the story was nice. I liked this Saint Walker in a strange combination of rage and hope, fighting with 'hope enough for all of them'.

At 1:47 AM, Blogger MetFanMac said...

"Jonah mentions that he used to be a Chinese wife"


At 11:50 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

HAVE! He used to HAVE a Chinese wife!

I'm an idiot.

And AF, it was nice to see St. Walker take the stage for a change. I'm getting a bit tired of Bleez flashing her buttocks at me.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger AF said...

Yeah, Sally, she has the potential to be an interesting character, but they are just using her as eye-candy. By the way, I'm a bit down about the JLI cancellation... let's just hope they don't cancel other good ones.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It isn't as though JLI is even the lowest selling book either, which rather infuriates me.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

You really really need to let go of Mei Ling. Just keep thinking the happy happy thoughts of the Jimmy/Justin version

At 2:05 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I hate to admit it Dwayne...but you are right. The Jimmy/Justin version is much more appealing. In fact...she's even...tolerable.


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