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Friday, May 11, 2012

Green Lantern #9



I hope that you have all been reading Green Lantern, which has been following the adventures of Hal and Sinestro, as the madcap pair takes on the Indigo Tribe.  It has long been rumored that there is more to the Indigos than meets the eye...and in this issue, we do discover exactly who they are, and how they got that way.

Boy howdy do we discover!

Sinestro had been taken and indoctrinated into the Indigo Tribe, and we have a lovely flashback of the first time that he met Arin Sur, Abin's sister, and his one and only true love.  And how Sinestro felt that he had to take over Korugar in order to save it, and how she disagreed, and he wanted to get her off planet, and how a kid wearing a bomb put the kibosh on that plan...  The scene of him cradling Arin's body as the debris falls all around them is simply exquisite.

Then he opens his eyes, and says..."nok".

And tells Hal that he's sorry for everything that he's done to him.  Which just creeps the hell out of Hal, who decides that he's beating feet out of there, and runs off to find the Indigo battery. 

Meanwhile, the Guardians have found poor old Starstorm, and are demanding the whereabouts of the Book of Black.  Starstorm doesn't have a clue, and is shaking in his boots.  The Guardians decide he's useless and disintegrate him.  The Guardians are seriously messed up. 

Hal has found a blue cave and a tiny blue man, who is also somewhat startled to find a Green Lantern.  His name is Natromo, and he gladly tells Hal everything that he wants to know.  Such as how Abin Sur and he discovered the power of the Indigo light, and how they harnessed it and what they were going to use it for.  Mainly, they were going to use it on the Guardians after Blackest Night, since Abin foresaw them going batshit crazy, and figured that the Indigo Light of Compassion was the only thing that would bring them to their senses.  But he wanted to try it out first, and they used all the most wretched villains in the universe as guinea pigs.

And it worked!  Until Hal opens his big fat mouth and says that Abin Sur is dead, so Natromo decides that its all over, and destroys the Indigo Battery!  Hal is pretty much taken aback by this, couldn't they at least have discussed it first?    Then Sinestro and all the rest of the Indigos show up and Sinestro comes to his senses.  Unfortunately...so do the rest of them.



All kinds of things have been revealed, and in his usual fashion, Geoff Johns makes it all seem so plausible.  But I honestly had no clue that the whole thing was for the benefit of the Guardians.  And how is it that Abin Sur was able to foresee what was going to happen?  Will Sinestro and Hal be able to use the Indigo light on the Guardians during the inevitable coming war?  How will they dodge the Guardians who are looking for them...well, for Sinestro at any rate? 

I can hardly wait to find out.


At 11:36 PM, Anonymous green blogger said...

Well, the big secret of the Indigo Tribe for me is the meaning of "Nok". I've been meaning to know what that word means and have no idea if it had been revealed for before but this issue explained it well by that Natromo guy.

Also, looking back from the previous issue, I was kinda wonderin why the Indigo Tribe has these weird looking creatures as their tribes men (bats, monsters, etc). The reason was again explained in this issue for they were criminals converted by the Indigo light to feel compassion and revert from their evil doings. But since Natromo destroyed their power battery, it seemed that being an Indigo Tribesmen had no lasting effect to its wielder once the connection to the battery is destroyed.

Overall, I think this would be the highlight of the entire storyarc, since most of the Secrets of the Indigo tribe had been revealed and its up to Hal and Sinestro to finish this up.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It is a heck of a cliffhanger. Do they completely revert back to being scum, or are there any lingering effects of compassion?

I am also wondering if wearing the indigo ring had some effect on John, since he decided to start blowing up Mogo and snapping a fellow lanterns neck recently.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger AF said...

Actually, the meaning of 'Nok' was revealed during the Blackest Night, more exactly in main series' "The Book of Black", in the last part of it.


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