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Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Lantern #7



I can't quite put my finger on it, but boy howdy, I really liked Green Lantern this month. Maybe it is because Doug Mahnke makes Hal look so very very pretty. Maybe it is the plentiful butt shots. Maybe it is because Sinestro is just SO badass. Maybe it is all of those things.

When we left our doughty hero, he and Carol had decided to try and make a go of things, and have apparently been humping like bunnies ever since. I'm actually rooting for Hal and Carol, because I like them. I've ALWAYS liked them. And Hal actually seemed to be coming to grips with life after the Corps and even...maturing just a little bit. Which for Hal, is a huge step.

But before we get to that, we have all of the Indigo tribe hanging out at their Indigo lair, talking in Indigo lingo. And a NOK to you too! THEN, we have Sinestro butting in on poor Hal and Carol, and telling him to put his big boy pants on and get to work.

And Hal says no.

I love the look on Sinestro's face. He can hardly believe it. But Hal really means it. He's fed up with the Guardians, who used him up and then hung him out to dry. He's also a little tired of being Sinestro's plaything, and says that he's had it with working for other people.

Well...except maybe for Carol.

Sinestro of course, is nothing if not persistent, and decides that if Hal is going to be pissy, they'll just have to do it the old-fashined way, and proceeds to threaten to blow Carol's head off with a glowing green gun. So...Hal punches him one, which is quite satisfying for Hal. And they proceed to fight a bit, which is fun for BOTH of them. But there is more to this than just going out and being Sinestro's weapon, there is a real problem.


Sinestro knows what the Guardians are up to. And it isn't good. And then the Indigos all show up. And they want Sinestro. Naturally Hal, being Hal has to argue, while Carol not liking any of what is going on, runs to look for her Star Sapphire ring. She had it tucked away pretty well, because it takes hera little while to find it and put it on, and by the time she shows up in all of her violet glory, all of the Indigos, Sinestro and Hal have disappeared.

Meanwhile, on Oa, the Guardians are interrogating Lyssa Drak. They want the Book of the Black, and she wants the Sinestro Corps book back...or in a pinch, the book fo the Red. Lyssa really likes books. It dawns on the Guardians that if Lyssa doesn't have it...the Sinestro probably does, and that doesn't bode well for their nefarious plans. In fact, one of the Guardians says they should off Voz on the spot, since he knows too much. Gosh, they are such adorable little blue pixies! Ganthet demurs, saying they should hold off...for now. They can't strike down their faithful Corps until they find the First Lantern.

The Guardians make TERRIBLE bosses.

Hal wakes up half nekkid and alone in a cell, with a dead ring. Again. This seems to happen to Hal a lot. I am also MOST grateful to Doug Mahnke for a half-nekkid Hal. The guy in the cell next to Hal seems quite happy to see him, and tries to beg, cajole and then threaten, which freaks Hal out just a tiny bit. And then who the heck should show up but...Black Hand! Well! That at least explains to Hal what happened to him. He babbles a bit in Indigo lingo, which is annoying to say the least, and finally does say that they have all been saved...and Sinestro will be saved too. Hal is getting a wee bit tired of people beind inscrutable.

But not as tired as Sinestro, who is a dilly of a pickle.

Gosh this is good.


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