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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Reviews

Good Gosh, but I love the second Wednesday of the month. So many books, I can hardly contain my joy.

Batgirl #7

I enjoyed this, it is always nice to see Black Canary, and having her and Barbara get together is fun. Babs is still wrestling with her feelings, not to mention a bit of survivors guilt as far as I can reckon...about getting her legs back and being Batgirl again. She's also fighting a guy in the sewer. Babs gets around. Meanwhile, her long lost mother has finally shown up on Jim Gordon's doorstep. And Barbara runs across someone out of her past.

Good story, good art. What's not to like?

Batman & Robin #7

I do love this book. Nobody has taken Damian hostage and is busy breaking his fingers and threatening to do the same to various other body parts, while he gloats at Bruce. Batman is pissed, but keeping it together, an he finally does find Nobody's lair, and in a REALLY fabulous page, stands there, wreathed in smoke and wrapped in his cape, demanding to know if, after trying to murder his son, he really expects to live?

There ensues an all-out, knock-down, dragout fight to end all fights, as poor Damian looks on, and Nobody does the usual rant, and then Batman dumps him in the giant vat of acid! Woohoo! For a minute there, I really thought that Bruce had lost it, but fortunately, he stays true to himself and hauls him out and prepares to take him to jail. And he and Damian have a nice little bonding moment. And then Damian...well, Damian is true to his upbringing too.

Fabulous! And the art is simply amazing.

Batwoman #7

This was good as well. Naturally. There is a whole lot going on in Gotham, that is for certain. Kate continues to work for Cameron, but I don't think she's particularly happy about it. But they do have some wonderful wonderful toys. And a whole lot of very twisted monsters, and the gangs, and other stuff. It's all tying together, and it is beautiful.

Demon Knights #7

Well, the final Donnybrook is well underway, as the Queen's forces are attacking, and things aren't going particularly well. Then Vandal Savage, attacks...his own baggage train, which draws in the Queen's horde, since horde's usually like to get paid. He was just fooling! I knew it all along.

Thanks to Jason getting some innocent tears from Hell, Madame Xanadu is back in fighting trim, and taking on Mordu. The Shining Knight is fighting the queen, and so is everyone else, but the Horsewoman managed to get through and now has summoned the cavalry...literally. And the village is saved! Granted, it is a smoking ruin, and there may only be a couple of survivors, but hey...a victory is a victory.

I really do like this book. Nothing like a medieval Justice League.

Green Lantern #7

Gosharootie, this is fabulous. More anon.

Journey into Mystery #635

Once again, my sole Marvel book...but the BEST Marvel book.

Loki, Leah and Daimon Hellstrom are fighting to save children from Nightmare, and his quest to become head Dream Honcho...or something. They are slowly saving the kids, but it is a long slog, and Loki is becoming discouraged, not to mention having the same fear clot in his own brain. It occurs to him, that law of averages is not necessarily on their side, and has Leah remove the Fear Clot from his own brain, which he then offers to Nightmare...free of any tricks or changes.


Fabulous. Really fabulous.

The Ray #4

I'm so bummed that this was only a mini-series, because I really like the new Ray...which rather surprised me. Everything has gone to hell in a handbasket, Ray is hurt, his girlfriend's father is dead, and all sorts of terrible terrible things have come to pass, due to the machinations of his foe, who has the power to alter reality. It finally dawns on the Ray, that perhaps, reality can be restored, and all the bad things can be fixed...including his enemy.

Is it a copout? Well...maybe, but dagnabit, it is so nice to actually have a happy ending for a change! I liked the art and I like the story, and I really like the way that the colorist was able to make the Ray look as though he was literally glowing. And they even leave a teaser at the end for more.

Very very good.

Resurrection Man #7

Another good book. Mitch is hiding out after escaping from Arkham and when the building where he is lurking is being raided by the cops, he at first thinks that they've come for him...when actually they are after a drug dealer, who has this handy dandy force field thingie.

There are a lot of explosions and various amounts of mayhem, and Mr. Untouchable does manage to kill Mitch. Like that's going to work! He comes back to life with his OWN force field, and well...let's just say that Mr. Untouchable turns out to be eminently touchable. Mitch is starting to remember more about his past life in the meantime, and is coming to realize what a jerk he used to be.

Again...very very good.

The Shade#6

Aaaah...the Shade. We continue with our little side adventure in Barcelona, with his old protege La Sangre vs The Inquisitor. All he really wanted was a vial of his blood, but these things have a way of escalating somehow, and he's involved in a fight, along with Montpellier, who is La Sangre's sidekick, or ally or whatever.

It is a fun ride, and I always enjoy seeing the Shade.

Well, it was a very nice week. Not a loser in the bunch!


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Lantern Kiaori said...

I really like Demon Knights and Batman and Robin, the way the story develops and the art is amazing.

I love the variety of characters of DK, the way you can relate with them. Personally, my favorite is Al Jabr, quite the scientist.

About Bats, his relationship with Damian began like an old fashioned parent and his brat -a bit of a psycho...-son and now it took another dimension, completely different. Looking forward to the next issue!

At 11:50 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Demon Knights has been a favorite of mine right from the start, which rather surprises me, because at first I wasn't quite sure. But it sure is a heck of a lot of fun.

Batman & Robin has been wickedly good. I LOVE Pat Gleason, so I'm thrilled with the art, and I love Tomasi as well, so I'm happy with the writing. The only thing I wasn't happy with, was that I have to wait a month to find out what happens!


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